Should You Live in the Mountains?

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When thinking about peaceful areas to live in, two that immediately come to mind are the mountains and a lakeside home. If you get lucky enough, you may be able to have both of these in the same place. The mountains are certainly a great area to retire in, being a literal breath of fresh air and all, but the mountain lifestyle can really be good for anyone. Anyone who lives in the mountains can tell you that the views are magical, and there’s just something soothing about the area in general. Maybe you’ve already saved your money and are looking to move now, or maybe you’re still trying to make up your mind since buying land is a huge investment. Either way, there are plenty of reasonable options in Ashe County Real Estate, and this change could be just what you need.

Nature’s paradise

One of the biggest advantages of living in the mountains is the ability to take in all the sites on a daily basis. Mountains aren’t a popular vacation spot for nothing, after all. From deep forests and gorgeous slopes to snowy mountain caps and incredible sunsets, nature’s beauty is on full display. If you can get far enough away from the lights of the city, you’ll never see a better night sky then you will in the mountains.

Of course, there’s also the wildlife. North Carolina is home to a wide variety of species, most of which are tame or afraid of humans. The mountains can be a great place to get a close look at animals such as deer, rabbits, foxes, and even the black bear. Most of these animals are relatively peaceful, but you’ll want to be careful about keeping garbage indoors and thoroughly cleaning grills to avoid attracting them.

Of course, if you want to do more than just look, the mountains are a great hunting option for those inclined. There are plenty of controlled reserves, and you could also purchase your own hunting land, as long as you follow regulations.

Health and privacy

Even if you aren’t that concerned with good views or hunting/fishing aren’t really your style, there are plenty of alternative activities like hiking or skiing. The mountains are also a great option for anyone to just get away from it all. The privacy is unbeatable, and there are some health benefits, as well. Living at higher altitudes, or even just visiting for a couple of weeks, can have a positive impact on your breathing and even improve cardiovascular health over time. The elevation also makes the simple act of walking more rigorous, which can contribute to weight loss. The milder temperatures in the mountains can also be a good break from other climates, although the snow and ice in the winter may be problematic to some.

The double edged sword

While the privacy can be great for peace of mind, it can also be a bit isolating. You may find yourself distanced from your favorite grocery store, liquor store, and gas station. If you aren’t retired yet, the location could make traveling to work difficult as well, unless you work remotely.

Also, as great as mountain land can be to live on, you’ll have your work cut out for you if you’re attempting to build a new home. Building a new house, or even adding to an existing one, is usually difficult and very expensive. Starting from scratch will involve tree removal, leveling the land, and removing rock to build a foundation. Of course, you can always purchase an existing home instead, but you’ll need a big budget to fund your own vision.

The mountain lifestyle can be a great one, but it does come with its own challenges. Even if you don’t feel ready to make the move yet, the mountains are still a great area for a visit.


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