Surprising Facts You Need to Know About Food in Australia

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Sunny beaches, cheerful people, and tasty food—you’ve pretty much got Australia in a nutshell right there. Whether you’re a professional foodie or just a regular traveler, it’s hard not to feel welcome and at ease in this laidback state that puts a lot of pride in its national dishes and interesting cuisine. Just like any country, they strive to be unique, and their effort is reflected in the wide variety of excellent food that’s available if you know who to ask. Are you heading to the Down Under soon and can’t wait to taste some delicious meals? Then you better get familiar with what they have to offer because their cuisine is full of surprises! If you want to learn more, then read on.

Home to peanut butter

Contrary to popular belief, the first ever peanut butter wasn’t sold in America, but Australia! While the company called Kellogg’s patented the process in 1895, an Australian company Sanitarium released their own product several years before that. It was originally called the “nut butter” and it gained instant popularity. These days, Americans still consume more peanut butter than any other country, but Aussies do love it as well, and they eagerly use it in everyday cuisine.

Bringing people together

Australians are social people, and there’s no city that’s friendlier than Sydney. It’s the hub of fast-paced entertainments and all sorts of gatherings, and people here are used to making food into a social event. There’s a multitude of restaurants, bars, and fast food joints that you can visit, and people are in the habit of visiting them with friends, coworkers, and family because Aussies think that a meal is made even better when enjoyed with good company. Since they’re busy people, a lot of them also rely on quality catering services in Sydney to have food delivered just in time for a big party to make things easier. Takeout is also really popular, so while they do like to cook often, most residents apparently appreciate the simple ease of dining out or ordering in.

“Toss it on the barbie!”

Yes, Aussies really do love barbecue that much. Gathering their friends together so they can toss a few burgers on the barbie and drink a few beers is very common all year round, and they seem to have a very unique take on what a good burger is supposed to look like. Namely, they always top it off with beetroot, and they love this unexpected little detail. Other foods that they like to grill are sausages, seafood, and snags. Served with salad and sliced bread, it’s totally simple and fully delicious.

Wine for every taste

Forget France, if you want wine, head to Australia! Did you know that this country has over 60 separate wine regions? If you’re a lover of good booze, you’ll definitely find your place here because their wineries are excellent and you can find anything from cabernet to sauvignon vert. New South Wales and Victoria are popular because of this, so if you fancy getting a few bottles, you know where to go.

Exotic options

For those who are looking for their next culinary adventure, Australia is the place to test your limits. Ever wanted to try kangaroo meat? Well, here you can do it. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you want something unique and unexpected, you’ll have options here. You can even try crocodile meat if you know where to look, so keep an open mind if you want to get adventurous. These unique meat options aren’t hugely popular, but you can find places who serve them if you are adamant about trying them.

Serious sweet tooth

If there’s one bad habit that Aussies can’t kick, it’s eating sugar. Dessert is of major importance here, and despite all the healthy options they have at their disposal, most of them can’t resist the pull of creamy Pavlova meringue or crunchy Anzac biscuits. The Pavlova cake is a popular dish that pulls its roots from the 1920s when the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova came to visit and managed to charm everyone. Another popular dessert is Lamington, a popular sponge cake that’s covered in desiccated coconut and is considered to be “the national cake of Australia.” It’s easy to make and very sweet, so if you wanted a new dessert to try, this would be a good recommendation.

Whether you’re visiting Australia or trying out some of their favorite dishes at home, remember that they are the kind of people who embrace the joy of creativity. Try out these delicious foods, and feel free to experiment a little to give them a personal touch!


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