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The Role of the Kitchen in the Modern Real Estate Market

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What feature do most modern home buyers consider when buying a house? Do you have an idea? You are probably thinking about a bathroom or maybe the home’s interior, right? You are wrong. The most important feature for modern buyers is the kitchen. Modern home buyers have high expectations when it comes to kitchens. Why is the kitchen the most important space in a modern home? Well, we have the answer. Read on to find out.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

In a home, there are many private rooms that only certain people tend to use regularly. For example, dad will use his office or man cave regularly while the kids will utilize the playroom more than other family members. However, the entire family uses the kitchen. It is the go-to place for everyone. It is the room that fuels that bodies, minds, and souls of friends and loved ones. The kitchen is where ingredients are transformed into scrumptious meals for the entire family. It is also where countless good times are shared over family dinner. For these reasons, modern home buyers are looking for homes with larger modern kitchens—the kind that provides a more supportive environment for the whole family to congregate.

It Increases Home Value

Did you know a good-looking kitchen can add four to seven percent value to a home? Modern home buyers know this; that is why they want a home with a show-stopping kitchen, giving companies like Gilmans Kitchen & Baths a steady supply of work all year round. Owners know it will retain or increase the market value of their home.

The importance of the kitchen to homebuyers cannot be underestimated. If you are planning to sell your home, therefore, make sure you remodel your kitchen before you list it. Hire kitchen to remodel experts to help remodel your kitchen and give it the look that modern home buyers want. But given that there are many kitchen remodeling experts available today, how can you choose the best remodel expert? Well, here are some time-tested tips that can help make the right choice.


Experience is king when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Therefore, you need to ensure that the kitchen remodeling experts you choose have enough experience. But how can you tell if a remodeling contractor is experienced or not? Well, the answer is simple: look at the number of years they have been in the business. If they have been remodeling kitchens for years, this is a sign that they know what they are doing and will give your kitchen the look that you are looking for. Avoid newbies. Most of them don’t have enough skills and will disappoint you.

Reasonable Quotes

You can tell if you are dealing with a reputable kitchen remodeling expert by the kind of quotes they provide. The quote they give should be clear, reasonable and easy to understand. They should be able to explain the costs in a clear. There should be no hidden charges.


Regardless of your remodeling needs, you want to work with a reliable remodeling expert. A good contractor should deliver the results you want within the time-frame that you agreed upon. A reputable remodeling expert rarely makes excuses. How can you tell if the contractor is reliable or not? You can look at how they respond to your calls and emails. If they take too long to respond, don’t feel obliged to work with them. Find another remodeling expert right away.

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