The top 5 myths about glaucoma

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A great many of us know about glaucoma in a general sense, but very few of us know about it in a more precise manner. Hence, for the most part, it can be extremely hard to find out or gauge whether a person actually has glaucoma or not. The main problem is that some people think it’s a serious disease while others think it’s quite harmless across the board. There is no middle point as far as either of the two opinions are concerned. A lot of the times, the condition is of a mild level, but there is a danger of it getting serious later on if you do not take the necessary urgent steps. This is exactly what most people fail to understand

If it is SLT laser surgery for glaucoma that you are looking to go for, the fact of the matter still is that you need to be aware of both the facts and myths about glaucoma. On that note, let us talk about the top five myths of glaucoma:-

  • No symptoms and 20/20 vision means that you won’t develop glaucoma: The disease is not called the “silent thief of sight” for nothing. This is because it has been proven enough times that people usually do not tend to notice the symptoms until the glaucoma is in the moderate or advanced stages. Hence, make sure that you get an eye test done so that your vision does not deteriorate without you even realising it.

  • It only affects the elderly: This is perhaps the most common misconception of all. Sure, it is true that the risk increases as one grows older, but that does not mean that it cannot afflict people of all ages. Babies can have congenital glaucoma and people in their 20’s are more prone to pigmentary glaucoma.

  • Only elevated eye pressure leads to the development of glaucoma: Sure, elevated eye pressure is a risk factor, but there have been cases of people with high eye pressure who are not suffering from glaucoma.

  • There is no need for any sort of treatment since there is no cure for the disease: While this may technically sounds true in theory, it is a highly illogical way of thinking. In the recent times, there has been a development of effective medications, surgeries and lasers to help slow the disease. Together, you and your doctor can work towards minimising the effects of treatment and ensuring that the least amount of damage is done.

  • Since glaucoma is mostly an inherited disease, there is no chance that I will get it: More and more studies are showing that there are enough cases where glaucoma patients are the only ones in the family who suffer from the disease. When this is the case, it is better to have an eye examination of all the family members.

Finally, you cannot afford to forget any of the above pointers, especially if your family has a predisposition towards the disease. That is for sure. In fact, ignoring any of the myths about this malady can very well lead you to commit some of them yourself which, in turn, will certainly end up having disastrous results. Not only will this set you back considerable with regard to eye health, but you would have spent a lot of your money and time for nothing. The moment you are able to identify the myths from the facts, you can go about dealing with the disease in a much more efficient and systematic manner.


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