The Ultimate Guide to Beerus in ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

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As a die-hard anime fan, you know how important it is to stay current on episodes, plots, and releases. Not only do you read about and watch anime online, but you also play and test online anime games straight after release. Here’s one you may soon add to your favorites.


Arc System Works has made a beautiful game in Dragon Ball FighterZ. It’s a punchy, snappy fighting game that anyone can learn to play in little time, but which offers enough of a challenge that you’ll still be playing months from now. The amazing animations and fierce competition make this one of the best games out there.


If you’re interested in playing as Beerus, the God of Destruction in the Dragon Ball universe, you’re in luck. Here’s a basic guide to playing as the character.


Game basics


As you progress through the game, your power level rises and you become stronger in fights. You can choose one of 24 different characters to play with (not counting downloadable characters). Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some will fit your style of play better than others.

Understand your moves: There are three basic types of moves: blocks, throws, and attacks. Each of these is made to parry one of the others. Blocking beats an attack, while throws beat a block and attacks beat a throw. Every move costs you some Ki energy (which might actually be a real thing).

Take the initiative: Most of the time in this game, the one who strikes first quickly gets on top. That being said, the strategy is more important than naked aggression. If you can remember to counter until you get the perfect opening, and then strike with speed, you can almost guarantee a win.

Playing with Beerus

Beerus is one of the most powerful fighters in the game, but only if you know how to use him effectively. In the game universe, Beerus is the God of Destruction and an unusual fighter. With Beerus, you win by keeping your distance and summoning projectiles. This means the character can be hard to defeat, but also hard to control.

Beerus’ special moves

Beerus Ball: This special move is a huge, damaging energy ball.

Beerus Ball of Destruction: This is the same as the Beerus Ball, only you can detonate it when it reaches your enemy. This costs one more Ki but is more damaging.

God of Destruction’s Judgement: This is one of the few moves that is best done right next to your opponent. If they don’t block effectively, Beerus catches them and tosses them aside, doing massive damage along the way. Never use this move at neutral, though, because after a super dash your enemy can jump out of the grab.

God of Destruction’s Rampage: This direct attack knocks down your opponent from the air. It takes a bit longer to set this one up than other attacks, so use it only when you know you have time.

God of Destruction’s Imperial Wrath: This move shoots damaging projectiles everywhere, and when combined with some of the other moves, can deal massive damage. You’re momentarily invincible when you start this move, but the spheres can be dashed through.

Sphere of Destruction: This is an energy ball you target at your enemy. For extra Ki cost, you can create two, and you can re-position these spheres if you have Beerus hit them.

Spheres of Destruction: This mighty move creates six balls that you can either throw at enemies or leave spinning around to protect you. It takes longer for these to come out, so bear that in mind.

Using Beerus effectively

If you like tearing things up, you’ll enjoy using this character. The weakness of some of these special moves is that your opponents can dash through them, but you can learn to use this to your advantage by baiting your enemy. 

When your opponent performs a super dash, they are momentarily vulnerable on the other side. This is the perfect moment to strike. If you can draw the enemy in to dash away your spheres, you can punish them right afterward.

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