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Any IT professional who wants to grow in his or her career as a Scrum Master needs to know a lot about CSM and how GAQM can help you in attaining the CSM certification. However, before that, it is considered prudent to throw some light on what Scrum is and who is a Scrum Master. In this PrepAway overview, we will discuss CSM certification from GAQM and how you can prepare for it.

What is Scrum?

The first thing that any of you need to know if you want to become CSM certified is to understand the meaning of Scrum and why it is important for you. Now, you will be amused to know that Scrum is not just something confined to software products, but it can also be applied to any other product too. Technically, Scrum is an Agile Project Management Framework that helps in the development of application or any other software product that could be appreciated by the customers. This is one of the reasons why it has a powerful influence on projects and so whenever you talk about Scrum it has to be in the relation of the project.

What is CSM Certification?

CSM is the acronym of Certified Scrum Master Scrum and this is a certification which validates you as a Scrum Master or a ScrumMaster. As a Scrum Master, you become responsible to ensure that the Scrum process is used the way it has been planned and the team which is working on the project doesn’t get digressed from it. This means that a Scrum Master is a person who makes sure that the goal is achieved without any distraction and that is why this professional is different from a Project Lead or a Team lead as his job is not to lead a team.

It works more as a protector of the development team rather than a person who executes the project with the help of the team and takes care of the team management. In fact, it is not considered sensible to make a Scrum Master hold any additional responsibilities of a team as this can affect his or her efficiency in keeping the team at bay from the distractions.

If you’d like to learn more about CSM certification, you can visit the official GAQM website.

Why Become CSM Certified?

We at PrepAway think that CSM is one of the most sought-after certifications among IT professionals. In fact, today more and more IT persons want to become a Scrum Master than a project manager. There are innumerable reasons for selecting CSM and try to become CSM certified. One of the major reasons is that the salary of a Scrum Master has increased a lot in comparison to a team lead. This monetary benefit works as a driving force for choosing CSM certification. Apart from this, CSM certification is also very easy to attain if you prepare for it in an intelligent way. You can find a lot of preparation materials for the CSM exam and as such there are no prerequisites required to become a Scrum Master. However, it depends on which Association you are taking the CSM-001 exam. Still, you are advised to be thorough with the Scrum Guides before appearing in the main exam

What is GAQM?

GAQM is the acronym for Global Association for Quality Management and is basically a UK (ASIC) Accredited Certification provider. This is globally recognized and is an Independent Certification body which offers you some of the world’s most reputed certifications, such as Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Certified Cloud Computing Certifications, Certified Software Tester Foundation, Professional Management, Information Security Certifications, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), etc.

The motive of GAQM is to allow the IT professionals to become certified in internationally accredited certifications, which can help them work in a more skillful way, thereby making them grow in their career. Here, you also receive training for all the certifications with the help of Accreditation Services with International Colleges (ASIC) you will be able to seek job opportunities globally.

Why Choose GAQM CSM Certification?

In order to become a Certified Scrum Master, you need to pass the CSM-001 exam, which is offered by many other certification providers apart from GAQM. However, when it comes to taking the exam from anywhere, then GAQM CSM appears to be the best option for any candidate. The best thing about GAQM is that it ensures that your certification is recognized all across the globe and also ensures that you receive the best quality practice materials in a premium package.

How to Prepare for GAQM CSM? Tips from PrepAway

If you are someone who wants to gain the CSM certification, then you need to take the GAQM CSM-001 exam seriously. You must try to look for online tutorials that can clarify all your doubts on all the topics. You also need to look for exam dumps for CSM and try to practice the question sets. Although this is an intermediate level certification, still you need to have a grasp on all the basic principles as the main job of a Scrum Master is to enforce all the rules and keep the team working on the development project far away from the distractions. You must also look for a good and reputed self-study guide for the CSM exam, as this will give you an insight of the exam and will let you understand what the roles of a Scrum Master are and how you can perform it in times of crisis. You will learn how to remove impediments, which will also help you in your job of Scrum Master in any organization.


In a nutshell, one can say that CSM is a certification that can help you grow in your career and can unveil better future prospects with high remunerations and good jobs. However, when it comes to selecting from where to attain this certification, then you can choose GAQM, which is a globally recognized CSM certification provider and wherever you will go for interview after obtaining the certification, they will accept it due to the positive reputation of GAQM. However, it is highly advisable to look for premium quality study materials to become a Certified Scrum Master, as this will open doors to a successful career in the IT industryfor you. Save this PrepAway guide to bookmarks and it’ll help you to make a choice if you need to decide which certification you should pursue.





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