Things you can do to help your baby sleep better

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Nothing could be better than looking at your bundle of joy, tucked into his blanket and sleeping peacefully, without a worry in the world. However when the same baby wails and howls in the dead of night things can get a bit rough. There can be many reasons why your little one has an erratic sleeping pattern. This lack of regular shut eye for your baby can have many implications, the biggest one being parents losing out on their own sleep.

Cranky babies inevitably lead to cranky parents. And with parenting as tough as it already is, sleep deprived moms and dads may crack under the pressure of good parenting. With this article we will explore things that parents can do in order to help their baby get better sleep.

Follow a routine

Settling into a routine will definitely help your baby sleep better. Things like shutting down external noise, dimming the lights and prepping for a bath act like triggers for the baby to know sleep time is approaching.

While feeding your baby during the day can be turned into a fun activity full of rhymes and laughter, night feeds should always be a quiet affair. If you follow this feeding routine regularly, the baby will be prepared for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep training

Apart from sticking to the routine parents can also benefit from sleep training their little one. It can start as early as 5-6 months or when the baby starts developing a regular sleeping/waking cycle.

Start by picking a set bedtime for your baby and ensure the daily activities are done at the same time each day. This helps the baby associate the time of the day with an activity (bedtime in this case). By following this approach, you will give your baby a relaxed atmosphere where he or she will know what’s coming up next.  

Don’t press the panic button

It’s natural for parents to rush to their baby upon hearing them cry. However a new school of thought believes it’s okay to let your baby cry for a while. As part of their sleep training, babies should gradually be allowed to settle down to sleep on their own.

Parents should resist the urge of picking up the baby during every crying spell. This will help the baby learn that crying will not always be followed by nursing or rocking him or her to sleep. With this technique, babies will slowly learn to calm themselves down and go to sleep on their own. This however does not mean prolonged periods of crying should be ignored. If your baby is crying for longer durations you should definitely calm him down as it could also be the first sign of a medical condition.

Magic Touch

You’ve followed everything by the book but still your baby is not sleeping well. Maybe it’s time you seek professional help. One such option is osteopathy, Cranial osteopathy to be precise. This technique can work wonders for your baby’s sleeping routine. As the name suggests, it involves osteopathic readjustments of the head.

Cranial osteopathy is a technique which that encourages the release of stresses and strains in the body. With an experienced osteopath your baby’s sleep cycles can improve within a matter a few sessions.

In conclusion

There’s no sight worse than a grumpy, sleep deprived baby. It affects not only the baby but also the parents who end up feeling miserable. By incorporating the above mentioned points in your routine you will ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep and also stays happy during the day.

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