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Tips for Furnishing a Small Home

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When moving into a small house or flat, there is the tendency to worry about storage space and furniture size as a cosy space can very quickly look messy or cramped.

However, it’s easy to find home pieces that are both compact and stylish if you know where to look… Here are three tips for finding furniture that won’t overwhelm your petite new home.

Buy Multi-Functional Pieces

Lack of storage is usually the main issue in a small home and buying multi-functional furniture could save you some valuable space.

Ottomans are great in small houses; they’re attractive and can be used as seating, whilst having a hinged lid for hiding and storing things inside.

For extra storage in your bedroom, an ottoman bed is perfect as the top of it lifts up to reveal plenty of hidden storage underneath. It’s ideal for keeping bulky items that aren’t used all year round, like spare bed linen, towels, pillows and blankets.

Also, foot stools can be an elegant addition to your living room. They’re a beautiful focal point, can be used as extra seating for guests and double up as the spot to keep the magazines and books you’re currently reading.

Invest in Modular Furniture

Modular furniture is a great way of making the big pieces in your home more flexible as you can rearrange and customise them to suit your needs. The versatility of these items can give you more options for rooms that are an unusual shape, one that are lacking in space, or if you’re prone to rearranging your rooms.

For example, a modular sofa has a number of different elements that can easily be changed and moved around. So if you need to create some extra space for guests at short notice, you can simply connect the different modules up and create a comfortable bed right in your living room!

Look for Compact and Clever

There are some brilliant space-saving pieces created specifically for small spaces like collapsible tables, stackable chairs and even dining room sets that fit perfectly together. You just have to think creatively!

Take a look at ingenious foldable furniture like ironing boards and desks that can be folded upwards towards the wall to look like a picture frame. Also, nesting tables are stylish, compact and a great space-saver, which makes buying a bulky coffee table in your living room completely unnecessary.


A compact space doesn’t mean that you can’t furnish your home in the way that you want to – you just have to think creatively! By finding clever storage solutions and flexible furniture that has been designed specifically for smaller-sized spaces, you can make your sure your home is both stylish and functional, without ever feeling cramped.


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