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Most people move into new territories without knowing exactly what they’ll be getting into or what to expect. Moving into a new city is not something that should happen overnight. It requires a lot of planning and preparations. Reading through this article will give you the confidence and all that you need to know about moving to and living in Washington DC.

If you are looking for the best place to call home, you’ll definitely not go wrong in Washington DC. The city boasts some of the most diverse cultural integration and is populated by high-income earners as well as highly educated individuals. The other notable thing about this city is that there’ll always be something to do while there. The population in DC is fairly young, all thanks to the university institutions around the city. Enjoy the many attraction sites that include the Smithsonian museums and theaters around the city. In this piece, we are going to look at the seven good reasons to move and live in Washington DC.

1. Real Estate

Before moving into new territory, it’s important to ensure that you consider housing, amenities, among other factors. Washington, DC boasts of a variety of real estate companies. There are also a lot of properties to choose from, all ranging from business, corporate, and residential housing. You may as well opt to become an investor in the real estate business. Thus, given the high population of the young population, as well as the working class looking for the best accommodation. According to Hannah Weston from The Vintage, D.C. is a popular place for young adults to live because it is one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world.

In DC, you’ll find some of the best modern design apartments with all luxurious amenities and chick facilities that any newcomer in the city will fall in love with. However, if you are looking for the best real estate company to work with while in Washington, DC, ensure that they have the following qualities.


  • Integrity – This may require you to go through a handful of online reviews to check what the public has to say about the company in question. You can tell a lot from the online testimonials about a real estate company.
  • Expertise – Selling homes is very different from selling other commodities. This means that the company in question needs to have good customer relation.
  • Communication – You don’t want to your home to be among the many stories you hear out there that are as a result of miscommunication.
  • Knowledge – You want to ensure that your real estate agent is well versed in all matters real estate.

2. Low Cost of Living

Washington DC is considered to be the fifth most expensive cities to live in the US. However, property taxes are considerably lower than in most other parts of the country. You can get by without the many taxes, given the fact that most of DCs revenue comes from tourists. Many of the tourist attraction sites are absolutely free to the public. You’ll also get to enjoy the best cuisines from the neighborhood restaurants, taste your favorite beer at the local bars and still get to enjoy your sporting activities at the many sports gyms across the city without spending a fortune on it.  

3. Diversity

This is the heart and melting point of the country. It is, therefore, expected to have people from all walks of life. Here, all cultures live and coexist together peacefully. A lot of individuals have come to call the Washington DC their home, having traveled from thousands of miles away. Washington DC is also the heart of the country. This means that it’s the place where all the important and monumental decisions are made. During public holidays, you can feel the pulse of the city, especially when commemorating the memorable history of the country.

4. Security

You want to also ensure that the place you want to live with having enough security. Like we had earlier mentioned in the above pointer, this is the heart of the country. It’s where you’ll find most of the government offices. So it’s expected that there are ample security measures to protect the government buildings as well as the citizens. This has contributed to so many people concentrating around urban centers as they feel safer here. Given that this is a big city, there will always be a percentage of questionable individuals. Nevertheless, the crime statistics in DC are not worrying given the many government offices and the high presence of law enforcement.

5. Quality of Life

If for instance, you were living in a city that enjoyed all the four seasons, you’ll still get to enjoy that kind of climate. This means that the move will not affect your quality of life. It’s important to assess all the aspects before moving, one thing is evident, you won’t miss a thing by moving into Washington DC. There are entertainment spots, cultural activities, houses of worship, and shopping sites. You’ll still enjoy all that you had in your previous city except for friends, but you can still make new friends.

6. Employment Market

Whatever your reasons for moving, it’s imperative to ensure your destination city has a job available. As a financially responsible individual, it’s important to factor in the employment market. Washington DC has all this and more to offer. Like we had earlier mentioned, this is the heart of the country. Most of the government offices are centralized around the city. Here, you’ll also find all the important industries of interest as well as the fact that the city is also the hub and headquarters for various industries.

7.  Quality Education

Washington, DC has a number of universities that are evenly spread. This makes it a great destination if you want to ensure that your children benefit from quality education. This will give them better chances and opportunities in the job market. Washington, DC is among the cities in the world that focus and have also invested a lot in the education system. This is perhaps one of the main reasons that explain Washington DC’s progressiveness.

Some of the other things you may need to research about may include transportation, insurance, and other aspects that may affect your everyday life. But above all, Washington, DC is among the best cities to live in the US.

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