Top 5 Tips for Winter Wedding Photography for Canada

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Winter wedding photography is about two people in Canada who love the winter and not only want to celebrate the winter; they want to celebrate their love for one another in the snow and the cold. One may ask, why would anyone want to marry in the winter? However, as a winter wedding photographer, the answer to this question is easy.  Who does not love the look of freshly fallen snow and a blanket of soft, white, snowflakes all gathered on the ground? These winter wedding photographs make for wonderful photos. Who does not love the symbolism of snowflakes falling from the sky, with even most children in Canada knowing that each one of those snowflakes is unique and that each one of the wedding guests, the wedding family party, as well the wedding couple themselves are unique, yet, together, all gathered together for a winter wedding, just like snowflakes.

As well, winter is a time when nature goes to sleep and rebirths in the spring. Winter wedding photography must capture that this is a winter wedding of a couple who will be together until their end days.

Here are some tips that will help any winter wedding photographer capture these special moments of a winter wedding.

Tip #1: Advise the couple to schedule the wedding with the help of a weather forecast on a day when there is fresh snow after a snowfall.

In consulting as a winter wedding photographer for the best photographs to have at a winter wedding, as a photographer, you must encourage the couple to choose a wedding day when the beautiful snow in Canada just falling from the sky can be captured for the photographs.

Tip #2: As a winter wedding photographer, advise the bride not to wear a stark white colour.

With winter wedding photography, the bride wearing a stark white colour, against the backdrop of a white surrounding with the snow, may cause too many challenges in photography with the colour balances on a photography camera. Please encourage the bride to go the lightest shade of a slightly off-colour white wedding dress for the winter wedding.  

Tip #3: Since it is winter in Canada, encourage the couple to have short periods of times outdoors for winter wedding photography.

Since it may be cold on the actual winter wedding day, ensure that as a winter wedding photographer that you encourage the couple to spend short periods of time outdoors for winter wedding photo shoots so that everyone will stay warm.

Tip #4: As a winter wedding photographer, ensure that you have a backup and charged battery to ensure that when photographing outside, your camera will keep working.

As a winter wedding photographer, you will need to make sure that not only that you have a backup battery for your camera, but also that you have a backup camera for shooting outdoors.

Tip #5: As a winter wedding photographer, keep your hands, body core, and head warm!

Canadians know this; Canada can get very cold in the winter and even with a winter wedding. As a winter wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you keep yourself warm so that you can keep taking winter wedding photographs for as long as your clients need to either indoors and/or outdoors.


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