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Top Tips For Creating A Stylish Theme In A Room

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When restyling any room in your house it’s important to consider how to theme it. It’s all too often the case that a room becomes the way it does throughout time as furniture and d├ęcor are added little by little. But every so often it’s worth starting from scratch and styling a room with the whole design in mind. This short guide will go through a few of the top tips in creating a great look and keep in mind that this is just a guide and decorating should be done with your personality in mind.


Choose A Color Theme


This is something that’s best done first as it will influence all subsequent decisions. Think about what you’ll be using the room for and it’s size and shape and you’ll start to get an idea . As you can see from this great guide there are many options and it’s good to think of whether you want bold contrasting colors or something altogether more subtle.


Be Aware Of Furniture Arrangement


How to arrange furniture is obviously key to any room as the furniture is clearly the focal point unless you’re setting up a very minimalist space. You’ll need to choose furniture that fits the overall theme and color scheme you’ve decided on. The way that the furniture sits will say a lot about a room, for example, what is the focal point of the room? Is it the television set? Or is it the fireplace or window? These decisions will send a message about your lifestyle and theme. So plan it out carefully, you can even use a room planning app to help visualise this before beginning.


Choose Wall Art Very Carefully


What you put on the wall is a very important decision as it’s not only decoration it says a lot about you and your personality. You could choose to have family photos and memories on the wall which is a lovely personal touch and a very classic way of decorating the room. If you choose to go down the route of having art on the walls it can be a great way of putting an artistic touch there that says something about you and it doesn’t need to cost the earth, you can easily purchase great prints from online vendors who keep an extensive catalogue of wall art from great independent artists from all over the world.


Be Aware Of The Effects Of Lighting

Lighting is an often overlooked but absolutely key factor in making any room in the house work. It can be to the ruin in the design and style of a room if everything else is fine and the lighting is harsh or poor. This NY Times article gives the great advice of ensuring it’s mixed up and not to rely on one source of light in a room. Use multiple lights and lamps to focus and accentuate different features of the room from furniture to art and other architectural features in the house.

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