12 Helpful Grooming Tips for Women in Traditional Workplaces

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It isn’t unusual to be nervous or worried about what impression you leave on people at your workplace. All of your colleagues have been through that situation themselves.

But what makes it more nerve-wracking is when you get confused about what kind of grooming is necessary for your workplace, especially if the workplace is traditional in its approach.

You don’t know if you’re overdoing it, or if you’re not doing enough. The stress it creates is probably making you sweat, which is a big no-no.

Being a woman at a traditional work environment can be especially taxing. When compared to men in the workplace, think about all the rules women have when it comes to their etiquette, their outfits and more.

Yet with a little bit of grooming advice, you can help with not only maintaining a clean, sharp presence but also develop good habits that’ll help you with your day-to-day life. So, here are some grooming tips, in order, to get you started at the office today:

  1. Cleanse till you shine

Personal hygiene is extremely important when it comes to comfort in the workplace  –  for both you and your colleagues. At the start of your day, the first thing you should do is make sure you’re spotlessly clean. You have to brush your teeth properly until they’re squeaky clean, wash your face with a quality face wash, and take a thorough shower.

Taking a shower should be an absolute must before you leave for work. Shampoo your hair properly and condition it to ensure it stays well-kept. Don’t rely on dry shampoo to get you through the day. Make it a habit and it’ll keep you fresh every day.

  1. Moisturize for soft, supple skin

Wintery weather can make your skin dry and flaky. To test this, scratch your skin, and notice the white, flaky mark it leaves behind. To avoid such unpleasant occurrences – which can happen during any season, by the way – make sure you get a good moisturizer to use before you head out.

Oh, and also have one which can go in your purse and is available whenever needed.

  1. Maintain your nails

While you might want longer nails or nail extensions, this might actually prove to be an obstacle when doing certain work-related tasks. For instance, they could obstruct when typing on a laptop or writing with a pen.

So, maintain a certain nail length and ensure they’re cut in a clean fashion. Also, it is best to avoid any brightly colored nail polish at work since it can draw unwanted attention. Instead, use muted, flesh-toned colors.

  1. Groom your body hair

When it comes to women, body hair can be deemed unattractive to many people. This is especially the case if wearing clothes that expose your arms and/or legs. Besides doing your regular eyebrow plucking and upper lip threading, make sure to treat your arms, armpits, and legs to a spot of waxing.

This will allow you to feel free, confident and attractive no matter what you’re wearing – whether it’s a sleeveless top, formal skirt or any other piece of clothing.

  1. Well-maintained oral hygiene

Can you imagine going up to one of your colleagues, or even your boss, and having them shirk away because you have bad breath? It’s a scary thought, which makes it absolutely necessary to avoid such an embarrassing situation.

Keep floss, a mouth freshening gum or a mouth freshening spray with you at all times. You can use them at any moment before you head into, say, an important board meeting.

  1. Welcoming Body odor

It should be your top priority to make sure you don’t exude sweat throughout the workday. Or even if you do, guarantee any unpleasant scent is covered up. Wear some deodorant before you leave the house. Carry a small perfume in your purse, too.

Although keep in mind that the scent of your perfume shouldn’t be too strong and distracting. Look out for a list of women’s perfumes that are suitable for the workplace.

  1. Say no to eye bags

If you work a demanding job, you probably struggle to get a full night’s sleep. If this is the case, it’s natural to have dark circles or eye bags which make you look even more tired than you really are. You can easily avoid this, however, with a few useful practices. This includes keeping used tea bags placing them under your eyes.

There are certain makeup tricks too that can help with concealing your dark circles. Wear a lot of mascara to draw the darkness towards your top lid so those dark circles don’t seem as prominent.

Get a concealer that is peach or orange tone, and close to your own skin tone, to make the illusion that you don’t have darkness under your eyes. But most importantly, try to get proper sleep so you don’t have to go to such lengths in the first place.

  1. Make up for the bold glow

While you might want to wear a lot of makeup to cover every flaw and look airbrushed, it is better to opt for light makeup at work. Wearing too much can come off as unprofessional, whereas wearing too little can make you look like you don’t care about your appearance.

So, moderate your makeup to both look good and feel good. Do your eyebrows, wear mascara and a bit of concealer for the eyes, put on a bit of blush and maybe a little strobing balm on the high points of your cheeks.

Wear a nude-toned lipstick that isn’t too glossy, and you’re good to go. You can carry a finishing powder that is mineralized to help you keep the glow throughout the day.

  1. Professional Hairstyles

Keep your hairstyle simple and smart. A nice sleek back ponytail is always the best way to go. You can wear your hair down too as long as it isn’t messy or unkempt. You can use leave-in conditioners to ensure everything stays soft and smooth.

If you want to dye your hair, the dye should be a natural color. Bold, bright blue hair is not exactly a professional look for example. Your hair should draw attention, but not too much attention.

  1. Dress smart and successful

Your attire should be in line with your work environment. No matter how professional and smart you may be, if your outfit says that you don’t want to be here or that you don’t take care of yourself, then you’re giving out the wrong impression.

Every workplace has its own dress code. Be mindful of this and dress accordingly. Your clothes shouldn’t be too tight or too revealing. They also shouldn’t be too casual. It can be tricky, yet picking the right outfit is an important balance to get right.

  1. Minimal Jewelry to the rescue

Jewelry can be a nice finishing touch to your work outfit. But again, minimalism is the way to go. You should avoid any sort of loud designs or multiple pieces of jewelry. You can pick simple necklaces and studded earrings. Add a simple yet elegant wristwatch or a bracelet that goes with your outfit, and you’re set.

  1. Right Shoes for the right groove

It can be tempting to go for more comfortable shoes at work since you might have to move around a lot. However, the most professional footwear for a woman is simple heels. By heels, I don’t mean huge stilettos or Lady Gaga-esque crazy boots. Just find a simple, low heeled shoe that provides comfort and class.

Final Thoughts

How you present yourself at work can say a lot about your personality. Ultimately, it can affect your work as well as your relationship with your colleagues, clients or boss. How you present yourself can make or break your career opportunities.

So, remember these grooming tips when you head out for office, and make a good impression on everyone you meet!

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