5 4-Seater Dinning Table Designs which adds utility to your living

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Sofas, beds, and dining table set play a major role in each of your respective rooms and these need more attention when you buy them online or offline. The dining room, and in most cases the kitchen too, is not only about gathering and eating food but also affects your overall concept of the room and placement of the rest of the furniture. This piece is also one of the most expensive buys for your home. Hence, it is important that that you take most time when buying the dining table set.

The best dining table is the one that is crafted beautifully and the legs are screwed to the top frame rather than being just glued together. This is one thing that you should check whenever you are buying dining table sets. One trend that is rapidly catching up in the world of seating is the 4 seater dining table.  Compact and classy, this is best for small families but it also does well as an additional seating for larger gathering too. This set also fits the budget and decks up your space beautifully.

Keeping this in mind, let us check out 5 trending 4 seater dining table sets:


  • Arabia Dining Table Set:  The storage seater is ideal for those cutleries which often cluster around the dishes. The chairs are traditional to complement the wooden body and that fits well with a contemporary setting.
  • Vanalen 4 Seater: A bit more elongated than a regular square 4 seater which means more elbow room. The mix of wooden traditional and colorful cushion padding makes it another great choice for modern style décor.
  • Vanalen 4 to 6 expandable dining table: This is best for attending sudden guests since you can easily add 2 more chairs. The slanting leg and the elegant chairs making it a fine dining choice that can add a contrast to a modern setting.
  • Wesley Glass top: A round glass top dining table is classy and edgy at the same time which means that you can find it better suited for a more chic and modern themed rooms. The lighting here is important as the reflection will do wonders for the entire meal. These tables also have solid base just inches below the glass top which can act as storage space.
  • Liana 4 seater: This is a wooden round table comes with elaborate leg work which makes it better suited for the living room.


No matter what table you buy, keep in mind the measurements of the room and buy accordingly. Your dining table set should not be too space hogging. Whether you want a wooden table set which fits beautifully with a traditional theme or go for wrought iron or particle board ones that is perfect for modern spaces, keep in mind the quality and the attachment of the pieces. Next, you need to know what kind of table will fit your room. If your space is square, avoid round tables as they are best kept near the center which means drastic hogging up of space.

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