6 Worst Baby Gifts You Should Avoid

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It might be your friend’s baby shower season, and you’re definitely preparing for the gifts you’ll carry along. As a gift giver, you have to go out of your way to ensure you get the best gift ever that will make the mom-to-be and the baby happy. It’s common that some people may unknowingly go for the worst gifts for babies. We made a list of baby gifts that are completely a no-no. Here we go:


  • Scary, lifelike baby doll


They look like real babies and have some realistic, lifelike real touch. It’s a little bit disgusting and creepy at the same time. Some people may find it ugly as they already have real babies, and wouldn’t need such.


  • A bag of vintage baby clothes


Yes, we all know that vintage is hot, trendy, and fashionable. But then, many moms won’t welcome vintage clothes for their babies. They may look old-fashioned, and just not so good for the baby. Babies need some cute little neutral-colored clothes which are nice to look at.


  • A dollar store gift basket


Are we supposed to blame it all on the economy? Don’t just go into a local dollar store junk and get your friend a scary bottle, teething toys, pacifiers, and others. Buy something that will be safe for the baby, as well as the mom, or else, your money will end up in the trash.


  • Halloween costumes


A Halloween costume that’s on a discount shouldn’t make you snag it to have a baby shower gift. However, if you must, then go for the right size. Also, you have to look at the type of costume it is. For instance, don’t go for a pumpkin costume for a newborn – for heaven’s sake.


  • Right gift, wrong age


Even if it’s understandable, why should you buy a stuffed animal toy with a timer as a gift to a newborn?  Do they need a time out? This isn’t funny. Some can be as naughty as bringing along socks of children aged three to six at a baby shower. This isn’t fair.


  • Infant bathrobes


Honestly, moms will attest that they don’t put bathrobes on their babies after a bath. Avoid them at all costs. Instead, you can buy them some onesies, or if you like, jumpsuits.


Have you also received a strange baby gift on your baby shower party which left you slapping your forehead? It’s normal. You may take some time to try and figure out what the gift givers were thinking, but of course, you won’t find answers.  

Are you a gift giver, and have you ever taken any of the gifts mentioned above to a baby shower, maybe with or without knowing they are bad? Don’t worry as you now know. In case you need some of the best gifts to take to a friend’s baby shower party, don’t worry. Just visit , and make your order now.

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