7 Tricks For Color Co-ordinating Makeup

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Color co-ordination is something many of us do with clothing, but you can also color co-ordinate your makeup. Whether you want to create a sense of visual harmony or accentuate certain features, learning to color co-ordinate makeup can make a big difference. Here are just 7 tricks for creatively using color when applying make-up.

Co-ordinate eye shadow to the warmth of your skin

The right shade of eye-shadow won’t just bring out your eyes – it could also help to complement the natural tone of your skin. If you’ve got a warmer skin for instance, rocking some olive green eye shadow could help to highlight the rich glow in your skin. For those with a cooler skin tone meanwhile, a teal green could help to enhance your skin’s cooler sparkle. Not sure what tone your skin is? Hints of yellow and gold tend to indicate a warmer skin tone, whilst hints of pink and blue in your skin may suggest a cooler tone. You can find more information on identifying your skin tone here.

Use lipstick tones to bring out your eye colors

Lipstick is a great color co-ordination accessory. It can be particularly effective at bringing out the natural color in your eyes. This is best achieved not by matching your eye color but by contrasting it. If you’re on a date and you want them to notice your bright blue eyes, a pink lipstick could be effective at doing this. Orangey tones can meanwhile have a dramatic impact when paired with green eyes. Brown eyes tend to be a combination of multiple hues and as a result you have more flexibility with colors – both rich reds and blues can help brown eyes to stand out.  

Make your teeth appear whiter with the right lipstick tone

You can also use lipstick to bring a sparkle to your teeth. If you feel you’ve got too much yellow in your teeth, using lipsticks with hints of blue in can sometimes hide this. This could include raspberry reds and purples. Lipstick tones with more yellow in should meanwhile be avoided. Matte lipstick can often be the best at complimenting teeth. Be wary of glittery lipstick which can highlight the lack of sparkle on your enamel.  

Contrast makeup to help your outfit pop

A lot of people like to get matchy-matchy when it comes to choosing make-up and clothing colors, however this can sometimes be too much. For instance, matching pink lipstick and pink eyeliner with a pink dress could make you look like a pink cake. You’re better off contrasting a pink dress with blue lipstick – this will make your pink dress stand out for all the right reasons.

Match nail varnish with accessories

Nail varnish is the one exception where going matchy-matchy can work. Red nail varnish can be paired with other similarly colored accessories such as a red scarf or red shoes to help enhance your outfit. You can also use multiple tones of varnish to create multiple pops of color.

Don’t use more than two colors on your face

This is a general rule that should be stuck to when considering makeup colors – multiple colors on the face can sometimes come across a little clownish. If you’ve opted for blue lipstick, don’t then opt for a orange eye shadow. Sticking to black eye shadow when using blue lipstick could be a safer bet. As for blush, this should always be kept to the same tone as your lipstick.  

Stay safe with neutrals and nude colors

Neutral colors and nude colors tend to be a safe option in most cases if you don’t want to experiment with wilder tones. Black eye shadow works with any color clothing, any eye color and any skin tone. Meanwhile, nude lipstick also won’t clash with any other color (although it’s important that you do find the right tone of nude lipstick for your lips).  


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