Action! Improve Your Film-Making Skills With These Tips

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If you’ve already made a film, you might be wondering how you can better it with your next feature. Getting the chance to make a second or even third film of the back of your first is such a huge honor for filmmakers, and I’m sure that this is one chance that you don’t want to waste. However, it can be hard getting the second film right – much like how bands and musicians can sometimes trip up with their sophomore album, the struggle of the second film is less of a trope in culture. But, trust me, even the best filmmakers will find it hard to get the right inspiration to nail their second feature.

Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing and start work on your second film? If so, here are some great tips that can help you improve your filmmaking skills to make this one even better than your first.

Collaborate With The Best

There is no doubt that you will need to collaborate with other people in order to make this film. A film needs a director, producer, scriptwriter, actors, and an editor. There’s even more people in smaller roles behind the scenes who will be crucial in the film’s production. So, as you can see, you are going to have to collaborate with a whole team of people. It’s essential that this team are the best out there. Everyone needs to have heaps of experience and fantastic skills in their niche. Collaborating with the best will help you produce the best film.

Don’t Stop Watching Other People’s Films

A good filmmaker is always inspired by various things that they see and hear. They also have some very strong influences from other brilliant filmmakers. If you aren’t already watching a lot of films by other directors and producers in your spare time, you really should start right now. You’ll be amazed by how much inspiration and creative motivation this brings you! There are also so many different films available on streaming sites, so you have plenty of choice. If you sort movies by producer on Amazon, you will be able to find all of your favorite filmmaker’s movies in one place. Then you will have everything you need to make a film that pays creative homage to them.


Make An Inspiration Board

It could also be worth creating an inspiration board. This should be done in the very early stages of making your new film. It’s essentially a board on which you can collect images that you see that you want to inspire parts of your films. For instance, some people put boards of different costumes and clothes together to try and help them develop ideas for the costumes to be created for their film. It’s easy to make an online board on Pinterest where you can bring together different images that you find online. Alternatively, you might want to cut out images that you spot in magazines and newspapers and create a physical inspiration board.


Good luck with your next film!

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