Bachelorette Party Ideas That Don’t Descend Into Debauchery!

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Planning a bachelorette party isn’t as straightforward as a birthday party. You don’t want to get friends together to have a few drinks and to have chaos ensue. While there are many people that feel that it’s a last-ditch attempt at the single life, for those that want a little bit more originality and sophistication to their bachelorette party, let’s provide you with some suggestions. And, before you ask, there are no references to Las Vegas here at all!

Group Dance Class

If the bride loves to have fun, this is the perfect opportunity. These classes teach the moves to all the popular tunes. DivaDance, based in New York and Austin, Texas, have classes dedicated to the high priestess that is Beyoncé. Or if you’re looking for something a little bit more late 90s, there’s a Christina Aguilera class as well! Get sweaty, have a laugh, and get exercising, especially before you start pounding the cocktails!

Hit A Vineyard

Sophisticated, but it also provides a worthy alcohol hit! Spending an afternoon at a vineyard isn’t just an excuse to drink bottle after bottle of pinot grigio; in fact, you can use this opportunity to relax in the sunshine, learn a little bit about the winemaking process, and have some amazing food and drink while you’re at it. There are always plenty of vineyards within driving distance, but if you want to add a bit more class, there are stretch limousines, like those provided by Sams Limousine that ensures you get there in one piece and with an abundance of style!

Head Outdoors

Some people can’t bear the idea of being in touch with nature, but if you want to experience some of the great outdoors, but with an air of sophistication, glamping is the way to do it! There is so many upscale camping sites around that you can tell yourself you are at one with nature, but you’ve got all of the modern luxuries. It gives you that opportunity to get away from the typical, busy inner-city bachelorette parties, while also getting quality time with close friends.

Let The Vinyasa Flow

If you’re not about the vino, perhaps heading to weekend yoga retreats can give you a very decent alternative to the typical bachelorette party fare. Depending on your own particular tastes, if a whole weekend of yoga is a bit too much, you could very easily incorporate a class or two as part of a spa getaway. Or, get yourself to the beach, spend 30 minutes doing your sun salutations, and spend the rest of the weekend relaxing and eating great food.

Many brides-to-be shudder at the thought of a bachelorette party. And these days, not many of us are into sheer acts of debauchery. So think about making it a more demure occasion, and remember, it’s all about spending quality time with the people closest to you. It’s a celebration for the bride, but it’s also a perfect excuse to let your hair down and get away from stressful wedding planning!

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