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Most times people find it difficult to get it right during a pose. We have three main properties that contributes majorly to one’s appearance during a photo session. We have the face, hands and the feet. How you place these three features of the body strategically and artistically is very important. Sometimes, when taking a casual photo shoot for a birthday or wedding anniversary, you will notice something is not just right about the picture. “What could it be?” will be the question running through your mind. Well, we used to be like that till we discovered the best ways to pose during a photo session.

Since a picture is never complete without a perfect connection between the face, hands and legs, stick to the guidelines listed below and consistently improve on your pose for a picture during any photo session.


The face is a very important feature that must be taken seriously. Your facial expression tells a lot about our emotions. It tells us how we feel. Sad or happy, angry or joyous and so on. Anytime you see a picture, you can easily tell whether the picture was a good one or not just from the countenance. While posing for a picture during a photo session, what do you do?

    1. Angle Your Face– Have you ever taken a picture which makes you look fat? That is what you get when you face the camera directly. Avoid facing the camera directly. Consider facing the camera at an angle depending on your preference. This doesn’t give room for shadows and directly makes picture close to perfection.
    2. Smile Naturally– A smile is always a key to a successful photo session. A natural smile lightens up the picture. Nothing can destroy a photograph quicker than a phony grin. You don’t want to force something and end up looking like a horse attempting to smile. Constrained feeling will make the photograph look only that – constrained. Overlook your conceivable instabilities and grin normally and naturally.


  • Concentrate your effort on the eyes- Never forget that the eyes are very important, that it could make or ruin your picture easily. Focus your efforts on the eyes, keep them open during shoot. Try not to look terrified, be happy! The eyelids should also be put into consideration as they are as important during a photo session. Dodge sagging eyelids which gives a languid appearance.



During a photo session, it is not only the face that makes the picture perfect, hands are very important features in modelling as well. A model that can manage her hands properly and meaningfully isn’t going to have much problem posing. Sometimes during a photoshoot, most people don’t usually know what to do with the hands.

There are several ways to use the hands and feet when trying to tell a story in a picture. We could almost talk to someone with gestures, without saying a word. The essential thing about posing with hands is to ensure the hands are never inflexible, balled or open in a paw-like design, excessively near the camera, or any other style. Most importantly, try as much as possible to be less rigid and more creative.


Your story is incomplete without the appropriate placement of the legs and feet. The vast majority attempt to overlook the legs while attempting to depict a story or delineation. The setting of the legs and feet is as essential as that of the hands. They supplement one another, giving you an ideal picture. In an image where the leg doesn’t supplement the hands, we can consider it an “image catastrophe”.

During a photo session, you have to decide whether you are standing or not. Most people like to stand while taking a picture which is great. While standing, there are a thousand and one ways to place the legs. The most ideal approach to present while standing is to twist the legs to make edges. Aside from the style of remaining in a photoshoot referenced above, you can have your feet set up close together and a knee dropped to some degree before the other. This will give you an easygoing, accommodating look.

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