Different Ways to Use Cold Frames in Your Garden

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Introducing cold frames to your garden may feel like a step that’s slightly too advanced for the average gardener, but that isn’t the case at all. Cold frames are magnificent gardening features that have been designed to help you with your projects all year around. From protection in the winter, to helping seedlings grow to their full potential, having a cold frame will revolutionise the way you garden. But what are the different ways in which you can actually use a cold frame? Well, continue reading to find out our 4 best ways to use your cold frame throughout the year…

Head starts for Seedlings

One of the greatest benefits of a cold frame is being able to give your seedlings a head start. This advantage will really help you with your projects, as you can plan and schedule with a little more time to work with. By using a cold frame with your seedlings, you can keep them at a balanced temperature, which will help your seedlings grow properly. By planting your seedlings directly into the cold frame, you are able to warm the soil in advance which is extremely helpful for germination. Your cold frame will work as a shield for your seedlings, keeping them away from drastic weather conditions that we can experience at any time of the year. The best thing to do is to have your cold frame setup and ready around 2 weeks before you plant your seedlings, to ensure it’s ready for them when you do.

Extending Growing Seasons

For many gardeners, the first signs of autumn are heart-breaking, especially when you’ve worked on some fantastic projects throughout the summer. By investing in a cold frame, you can slightly extend the season for which you’re growing certain items, giving you a little longer before you have to call it a day for the colder months. Your cold frame will give you a few weeks into the autumn to keep growing and gardening, which is extremely beneficial for the budding gardener. The cold frames will work as a shield from any frost, wind, rain and snow, which are the elements that will stunt your plants growth.

Acclimatising Your Projects

After a few weeks or even months of growing in a warm greenhouse, your plants will need a little support before entering the garden. Before you put your plants into your flowerbeds, you can acclimatise your plants by placing them in a cold frame. This environment will be slightly warmer than the garden, but considerably cooler than the greenhouse, which your plants have got so used too.

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