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As the world continues to grow, change, and evolve, it is important that as someone looking to grow their presence online, whether that be for business or not, that we don’t remain static. One of the massive ways that the world is changing is through the internet, so it is essential that create a strong presence in the ever-changing world. However, if you’re not the most tech-savvy, then building a better online presence can be something that is quite stressful, overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. So having a little guidance of where to start can always be a good thing, and make the process a lot less frustrating. So here are some of the steps to help you to start building your presence in a productive and effective way.

Sort Your SEO

Creating a solid presence online is going to start with your website, especially if you are looking to do so with business in mind. Your site should be the place where your audience can learn about your brand or about you as an individual,and they can also find out information about what you have on offer from a business point of view. The thing is, this won’t have any impact if your site isn’t standing out or being found by the people that you will want to see it. Which is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. You may not be an expert, but taking some time to read through some basics can really help.

Be Social

This may sound like an obvious one, but being on social media is so important to help build either yourself as a brand, or your business as a brand. Think about the businesses or influencers that you respect and look up to; would you have heard about them if it wasn’t for social media? Don’t try to do all things at once, though. They say it is a good idea to choose two or three social network sites to really nail, and then leave the others as just being maintained. So think about what sites are going to work best for what you are trying to do. For example, a LinkedIn profile like this producer will be best on there, as it will be for people in his industry to connect with. It would be a little out of place somewhere like Snapchat, for example.

Be Active Online

Much like being active on social media and interacting with people on there, it can also help to be active online but in other ways. For example, look to be an active participant with online forums that are connected to your business or niche. You could look to guest blog for similar sites to help boost your audience and boost your profile. Look to share content that other people have created, as well as offer advice and tips in the area that you do find you have expertise in. This will help you to be seen and known by more and more people, and help to widen your audience.

Offer Value

Once you decide on what kind of content you want to be creating, then that kind of habit can help you to get moving forward with the goals that you want to achieve. Are you planning to mostly use social media? Or how about getting into blogging? Do you think video content could work better instead? When you know what you want to do, make sure that you are doing it each and every day, but offering good quality content. When you offer things that are of a good quality, then this would help you to attain credibility, which will help you to be recognised in your field or niche. This will then help to boost your profile and presence online in the long-term.

Learn Patience

These kinds of changes, especially with the online world, are going to change and take time. So it is important that you are able to learn to be patient. You do need to be patient enough to see these changes that you can implement happen, and then not set unrealistic expectations on yourself. Give yourself some room to experiment and see what does or doesn’t work. There are no hard and fast rules to these things, don’t be afraid of playing around; some things may start off working well, but over time, may not pack as much of a punch. You will learn what works for you and also what doesn’t.



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