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Five Tips When Looking For Furnished Apartments In Los Angeles

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The Hollywood sign, the Lakers, cinematic landscapes, ruggedly good looking, profoundly creative and with a sunny disposition, what’s not to love about Los Angeles? America’s second-largest city offers a mini-UN of cultures and a natural backdrop just as diverse: from beaches for swimming, sunning and surfing, to mountains for hiking, skiing and city- or star-gazing. A population of 10 million in the county and 4 million in the city, LA attracts around 45.5 million visitors each year, mostly domestic. When it comes to finding a beautifully furnished apartment in Los Angeles, short term – or long term, then these tips will help you get you exactly what you need.

With the Silicon Beach community, it has explosive job growth over the last few years. The weather, the beach, the nightlife and the general disposition of its people who pursue a healthy, diverse and food loving lifestyle, it has become a real magnet for young professionals and anyone who enjoys the good life. Apartment hunting can be complicated in any city, especially in LA. With the city’s popularity, you must be prepared and ready to pounce at the opportunity when it comes along.

Know What You Need

We would all like to live in a large loft conversion, an open plan perhaps. One of those large apartments you will see in films where an individual with no discernible job or income is living his best life. Great to dream about (and why not, LA is for dreamers), but not realistic. The first step to finding a great place in Los Angeles is knowing precisely what you’re looking for. A tidy studio? A two-bedroom apartment for you and a roommate? Whatever the case, understand your priorities up front. With a multitude of options its necessary to know beforehand what you really need. This helps you stay focused and will also help you stay grounded. Don’t rent a space that has more than you need, most likely you won’t be able to afford it.

Explore LA

Explore and drive around to find your perfect location. Not everything can be found on the internet (although loads can!), some of the best deals in Los Angeles can be found through word-of-mouth and by simply driving around. Getting familiar with Los Angeles might get you away from the standard areas you might be looking at, but it will give you a good look and feel of alternatives. At the same time, you get a good taste of the people and amenities around. Spend a Sunday morning grabbing a fresh cup of coffee and navigating an LA neighbourhood without all the traffic.

Use the Power of The Internet

Even if you don’t get super lucky and find a massive apartment for a bargain price via a friend of a friend, there’s always the internet. Knowing exactly what you want, and which neighbourhoods are suitable, you can approach the many rental websites and apps with vigour and purpose. Don’t overdo it straight away but pick a few sites to get your bearings. Most of these sites are free to use (they will earn their money on the listing) but some will require a membership fee. The advice is to exhaust the free options early on, but to consider the paid for ones when you can’t find a suitable location. Keep checking the free ones though!

Be Aware of Scams

Be aware of scamming! It’s a terrible thought, especially when people might get desperate finding a place to stay, but apartment scamming is a thing. Rental scams are a variation on a theme. The scammer tries to get money from a prospective tenant for an apartment that the scammer is in no legal position to rent. The apartment might be real or fictitious. In most cases, the scammer will want to get some money up front (as a deposit for example) and then disappear. If something feels wrong with a listing, the application process feels rushed, or the whole experience just seems too good to be true, it may be wise not to pursue it.

Move Fast

And finally, when visiting an apartment, be prepared to apply on the spot. Landlords and apartment managers are looking for someone to move in straight away to maximise earnings. Combine that with an extremely competitive market in which every property will have a multitude of applicants. Would-be renters will have a leg up if they can close the deal fast. Be prepared to apply for a place on the spot, as apartments can easily be rented out from under you in a matter of hours. Come prepared with enough money for application fees and a security deposit, landlord references and proof of income.

Adhere to these 5 tips, and before you know it, you will be strolling along the beach, sipping a kale smoothie and enjoying that LA sun.


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