How to get the perfect night’s sleep naturally

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Have you read our post on getting yourself healthy one step at a time? If so, you might have realized that much of your health care needs rely on you having a good night’s sleep. When we wake feeling refreshed it is easier to feel active, make healthy diet choices and find time and space to talk about our problems or meditate.

Good sleep just makes everything better. How you can achieve it though? Read our guide to getting the perfect night’s sleep naturally to find out.

Drinking decaffeinated tea mixed with naturally calming ingredients.

Caffeine really does get in the way of our sleep habits. Sure, it might give us the pick up that we need in the morning and keep you going in the afternoon when you need that burst of energy the most, but it can also be a big sleep disrupter.

Caffeine is a stimulant that blocks sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. This can really be harmful when it comes to both trying to fall asleep at night and staying asleep, creating a bit of a negative cycle in that you might feel you need caffeine in the morning after a bad night’s sleep. Try cutting caffeine out altogether and enjoying drinks with some calming ingredients included and see how that helps.

Looking at your mattress – is it comfortable, supportive, the right firmness for your back?

In order to get the best night’s sleep possible you need to create the right environment for you. There is no point trying to sleep on a mattress that you just can’t get comfortable on. It is counter-productive.

At worst, you could find yourself lying awake at night struggling to get comfortable. Or alternatively end up with painful niggles that prevent you from falling asleep on subsequent nights.

The best thing to do is to invest in a mattress that will help you have a comfortable night. Take a look at some of the best mattresses that are available for you.

Meditating and creating a calming routine before bed

Often it is the stresses and the problems that we face during the day that keep us awake at night. We commonly go to bed feeling sleepy, but then a thought pops into our head which starts us off worrying and leaves us lying awake.

The best way to deal with this is to get that negativity out of our heads before we even climb into bed at the end of the day. Meditation can help here. It really teaches us how to let go of those thoughts that can hold us back. If done properly it can help clear your mind before you go to bed so that you can just focus on sleep.

Even if you can’t manage that, the breathing techniques can help to relax your body, helping you fall asleep quicker. You should also remember to make sure your routine is calming before you attempt to sleep. Think about whether looking at your phone or watching TV before bed is preventing you from creating a relaxing atmosphere.


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