How to Use Print Marketing for Your Modern Business

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Even though digital marketing has grown a lot in recent times, it doesn’t mean that print marketing is dead. A modern business can still benefit from using print materials to promote products or services. Print materials can be eye-catching and much less fleeting than digital advertisements. If you want to offer a hands-on experience to your audience, here’s how you can take a modern approach to print materials.

Combine Print with Modern Media

One way to use print materials in a modern way is to combine print with digital marketing. You can use print materials to direct people toward digital marketing channels, such as your website and social media handles and pages.

Get Creative with Print Materials

When you do use print materials, there’s so much more you can do than simply printing a plain leaflet or flyer. You can embellish your print materials with a wide variety of effects, from metallic foil to embossing and even chips that can be scanned by smartphones.

Provide Hard Copies of Product Information

If you want to offer a useful type of print material, brochures and catalogues will always be great choices. A glossy, colorful book to flip through offers more of an immersive experience than many other print materials.

Simplify Direct Mail

How you handle your print materials is important too. When it’s time to send them out, using the direct mail EDDM program simplifies everything. You can even benefit from tools that allow you to manage your direct marketing campaigns online.

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