Keeping Yourself Motivated As A Manager

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When you look at it in the most impartial terms, the act of running a business is extremely hard. There are many tasks you must complete each day, many plates you must spin, and many balls you must juggle. There are many relationships to uphold. There is growth and sustenance to worry about in equal measure. Funding, healthy cash flow and realistic spending are also essential. You must also let your creative passion shine and make time for self-care within all of that.

But then view it subjectively. A team riding on your success, the need to pay dividends to your shareholders, the willingness to roll with the losses and try to formulate the successes once more, the need to be better and better and better again. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. This means you can often find yourself operating at extremes. You may be deeply excited and interested in pushing forward, or find it hard to get to work that day. A range of positive and negatives can both influence you in different ways.

Keeping yourself motivated as a manager can be hard, but it can also be achieved:

Always Make Progress

While you might not be able to make new decisions to progress your business further each and every day, there’s always something you can improve. For example, it might be that you look to adopt a sales automation CRM with tons of cool features, as this can help you utilise artificial intelligence to keep everything collected, to help your tasks become more streamlined, and your working day become much more pleasant to deal with. Another week you may consider your task to be audience outreach, speaking to your customers and surveying them, figuring out new ideas to help your average customer experience flourish. There’s always, always, always something you can better, and the more you do this, the more connected those improvements become. Before long you can be proud of your work despite perhaps remaining in a similar place.

Celebrate Your Success

Let’s say someone wishes to get in shape. Right now they can only walk to the end of the street and back. With small efforts, they achieve a new victory each day. Do they ignore those small achievements, and only congratulate themselves if they run that marathon? Well, not ideally. This same logic should be applied to your management style. There are many little victories you can take pleasure in. Sure, your online orders might have only outmatched the previous weeks by five. But did an employee thank you deeply for managing a HR issue well? That’s a victory. If you allow yourself to feel those, it will make the challenges much more enticing to overcome.

Ask For Help

You may wish to conduct an excellent job for your employer. But even managers need help too. Sometimes from the team, sometimes from those above them. Lending fresh perspective to a situation might help inspire you, or give you more excuse to collaborate with your team. This way you are an active manager, and not simply someone who claims to have all the answers. This is how great leaders flourish.

With these tips, you’re sure to stay motivated as a manager.


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