Stylish Wedding Rings: Ideas to Find the Best Rings for Men

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Wedding rings are an essential piece of jewellery for men. A unique ring can make him feel special; therefore, select a ring that suits his personality. He will keep this ring for the rest of his life, so try to choose a practical design. You can find an incredible collection of male wedding rings in the market. Try to start your search almost two months before your big day. Visit different jewellery stores for window-shopping to find the best band for your Mr Right. Here are some ideas to find the best ring for him.

Consider His Lifestyle

Keep it in mind that your fiancé will wear this ring for his entire life. Try to choose a design that will mesh with his routine. If his work needs his hands, he would like a thin ring with simple, round edges. Platinum rings are suitable for men with active lifestyles. These heavy-duty rings can’t get scratch easily.

Try to buy a comfort fit ring that can easily slip over his larger knuckles. You can consider a ring with the best fitting. A wedding band should ideally fit in the hands of your partner. Feel free to schedule a professional wedding ring fitting to buy a perfect ring.

Buy a Complementing Band

You may not need a matching ring for you and your husband-to-be, but you can prefer harmonious styles. For instance, you can pick a wedding band and a wedding ring made of the same metal. Common metal types for men are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, titanium, platinum and stainless steel. If you have an infinity wedding ring, feel free to pick an infinity band for your fiancé. However, you are free to choose a wedding ring without stone or a band with gemstone accents.

Complement His Personality

When you are choosing rings, you must think about the personality of your fiancé. Purchasing a wedding band can be an intimate choice. Your selected ring must reflect the best qualities of your husband-to-be. For example, if your partner is bright, mature and unassuming, you will need a wedding ring with similar attributes to describe him.

Moreover, you can consider the culture or religion of your fiancé. Your selected ring must have a symbolic meaning. For instance, Celtic knot bands are famous among Irish couples.

Ask him if he can join you in the ring shopping. Some couples want to give a surprise to each other. If you’re going to avoid the worst shock, you must ask him to accompany you to the shop. He can give you better advice on gemstones, fitting, metal and style.

Buy a High-quality Ring

To check the quality of wedding bands, you must check the quality mark and trademark of the manufacturer. A trademark of manufacture ensures the best artistry on a ring. The quality mark, such as PLAT or 24k may vary depending on the metal of your ring. A ring made of two metals must have two quality marks.

Try to buy a durable wedding ring for your active partner. The durability of platinum makes it an excellent choice for wedding rings for men. Other heavy-duty metals are tungsten, titanium and palladium. Always remember that silver is susceptible to scratching because of its softness.

Make sure to ask about the warranty of a wedding band from your jeweller. You have to check their policy for ring cleansing, resizing and other free services. Ask him what he will do if you lose a wedding band, or gemstones fall out of the ring. Check their return policies and insurance options for a stolen or lost wedding band.


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