The Craving for Something Different

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Human beings have a lot of desires, and among those desires are the hopes for both stability and novelty. While these are all necessary to live a happy life, the desire for novelty can be almost debilitating in its strength and totality. When you want something new, it can lead you into strange and even dangerous territory.

Part of the desire for novelty is to want something that just tastes different from what you’re used to having. This desire to have something new and unique isn’t at all limited to just going to new restaurants or getting new things at the grocery store for that recipe you saw on YouTube. It can even extend into something as simple as the snacks you enjoy while you’re at home.

The Same Old, Same Old

One thing about snacks that can annoy some people is that nowadays, there’s a lot less creativity. While there was a time when an adventurous entrepreneur would simply dream up a different kind of snack food, those days are long gone now. In the modern world, focus groups and extensive testing go into everything. No product reaches the market without going through so many tests. It’s a wonder anything makes the cut at all.

The problem with so much testing is, the testing type of people isn’t the same as the creative type of people. When you only have non-creative types in the development cycle of a product, the product and its spin-off products are just going to be mildly different versions of the same thing. Branching off into a wildly different type of product is going to be all but unheard of.

New Places, New Tastes

The good news about the modern world is that countries and localities tend to have better access than ever before to communication and shipping channels. This has allowed companies and individuals from all over the world to broaden their horizons as they could never have before. This also includes new and novel tastes from around the world.

If you’ve ever had a subscription membership, you’ve learned that there are many types of European and Asian treats you can find on your doorstep every month. One way you can get access to things like Japanese snacks is to get a box-type subscription. To put it simply, no other country on earth snacks like Japan does. Now, you can learn this lesson again every month in the most authentic way possible.

When you can snack on anything you want, your horizons open up tremendously. No longer are you going to be limited to just eating more of the same old stuff that everyone around you also has access to. This is more than just a set of snack food and tea every month. It’s a conversation piece and a statement about the kind of person you are. When you can eat around the world even during snack time, you’ve reached a genuinely international level.

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