The Micro Solution for the Big Problem

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Have you been bothered by the little roughness of your skin? Has it become uneven through years of wear and tear? And do you wish for a skin care procedure that doesn’t take long, isn’t expensive and will have you back on your feet in no time? That’s perfect, as it describes one of the most popular skin care procedures in the world as of late.

Micro-needling is a new step forward for skin treatments. It’s one of the quickest, safest and most efficient ways of resurfacing skin and bringing it back to its original smooth state. And best of all, it is high accessible, as there are many clinics which offer the treatment. There are myriads of clinics that offer micro-needling NYC alone, which means that you have many possibilities to choose from.

Just looking through the internet online, you can find many clinics that do micro-needling treatments in NYC and with the many clinics which offer this service, you can be sure that you’ll find one that suits your needs best and can deliver the results that you and your body crave.

But even if there are so many choices and so many people opting for micro-needling, what is it anyway? Why is it so popular? Well there are several reasons for its popularity, but all of them only seem to prove that micro-needling is another step forward in medical technology, as well as skin and beauty care.

How it Works

You’ve probably experienced very thin cuts many times in your life. I’m not talking about gushing blood, just a little bit of a scratch. Have you noticed how quickly the cut heals and it feels like it was never there at all. That’s your skin’s natural regenerative ability.

And it’s absolutely amazing, as it gives you the best possible protection against outside dangers and it’s all natural, since, well, it comes from your body.

Micro-needling takes advantage of your body’s amazing regenerative abilities and uses it to regenerate the skin on certain parts of the body by allowing your very own body to replace the skin cells. If you have a tattoo, or you may know someone who does, try to touch the skin where the tattoo was applied. It will feel incredibly soft.

That is because in order to make the tattoo, tiny holes had to be poked in the skin. When the tiny holes are regenerated, they are replaced by fresh new skin cells, which are soft and vibrant. The same is done in micro-needling, minus the paint, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as dry tattooing.

Tiny holes will be poked with a special tool, in certain parts of the skin. Once the skin’s regenerative abilities are active, these holes will be filled with fresh new cells, making the surface of the skin smoother.

Have No Fear

But some people faint at the word “needle”, as it can sound kind of scary. But I must assure you, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. The needles are microscopic and barely penetrate your skin; just enough so that there will be something to be regenerated. Taking that into consideration, think of it like this; the needle is so small, that it doesn’t even bleed when punctured with it.

The procedure itself is pretty much painless, with perhaps only a mild discomfort during the needle penetration. However, numbing cream can easily take care of any feeling of discomfort, so even the tiniest sensations will not be felt.

And if you’re afraid about the downtime following the procedure, well you once again have nothing to worry about. There are barely any side-effects and the ones that do arise are normally really small and insignificant. Most commonly, people feel a little itchiness a few days following the procedure, as well as redness and dryness of the skin. But even these small side-effects last no longer than a week following the procedure.

You can go out and show your fresh new face in weeks’ time, which is perfect for the modern busy person. A quick, easy and most importantly, affordable fixup, with pretty much no side-effects, available almost anywhere.

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