The Perfect Outfit for a Night Out

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Dressing up as a man for a night out can be seen as a no-go topic for some, with attire ranging from eye-watering patterned shirts to what was left over from the week’s work shirts. Depending on the location, there are different options you can take – from more casual affairs to a classy bar. You’ll want to mix up what you wear to match. There’s a big difference to going on a first date to going for drinks with the lads. We’ll go through the main differences of these.


Dates can be challenging to dress for, as your outfit wants to both impress, and match your style and personality. On first dates, your clothes are one of the main things you can control, and like how male birds use their colorful feathers to attract a mate, you have your choice of outfit.

The key to a good date outfit is to find the balance between looking sharp without trying too hard. Overdressing for a date might scream you’re trying too hard, and there’s nothing worse than wearing a suit to a casual bar. On the other hand, you need to make it look like you’ve at least put in an effort – no jeans that should have been thrown out years ago and a slightly stained t-shirt. Aim for the middle-ground with a casual shirt and jacket combination with well-fitting jeans.

Clubs and Bars

The term ‘club’ is a little ambiguous, meaning what’s appropriate outfit-wise can vary greatly from venue to venue. If you’re over the age of about 25, then you’ll most likely not want to wear what all the ‘kids’ are wearing, and instead go for something a little more grown up. For a more casual night out, a nice polo, jeans, and sneakers may do, or anything from If you know you’re going to clubs with a dress code, then make sure to stick to it, as you might not be getting in with your trainers. In general, though, dress codes are a lot more loose, so stay away from bringing out your blazer and brogues. Monochrome outfits are a good idea, with black t-shirts, jeans, and shoes being a safe option.


Depending on your taste in food meals out, probably, you aren’t going to need your smartest outfit. Smart casual is a good idea and will mean that you fit in at almost any sit-down restaurant. A jacket can be quickly removed to make an outfit more casual, but if it ends up being fancier than you thought, then you’ll be prepared. A good blazer in a neutral color is an ideal choice, with a nice shirt, chinos, and trainers or brown leather boots, which will finish off the look. If you’re meeting clients or heading to a more upscale restaurant, upgrade your shirt to an oxford and pick a nice pair of pants to go along with it.

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