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Each season brings something new in the world of fashion. However, there is something peculiar about the season of spring/summer. When nature starts to wake up after winter, people are eager to put bright clothes one. Besides, the wish to refresh wardrobe is also quite essential for the spring season.

It is well-known that shopping and style change help to improve mood and distract from routine and Groundhog Days. In any case, fashion is cyclic, thus, probably, something of one’s wardrobe could be trendy in 2019.

The Trends of the Spring/Summer of the Year 2019 for Women

  • Tie Dye print returns from the ‘60s. In those years, it was the methods of getting denim with such print – to tie and to dye it afterward. Nowadays, technologies have changed, while the result is still trendy. Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler, and Prabal Gurung have implemented the print in their recent collections.
  • Hand knitting will be widely used in dresses, tops, suits, and other items. The most popular technique is called crochet. Those who are fond of knitting have a fantastic possibility not only to welcome spring in the most fashionable outfits but also to earn something on their hobby. The collections of Carolina Herrera, Victoria Beckham, and Chloé resemble manual work.
  • Fluorescent colors and shades are back. Besides, designers have decided that there cannot be too much brightness and suggest to put on all the clothes of these colors. Emporio Armani and Versace have presented their collections which cannot remain unnoticed.
  • Matchy clothes style has been recently forgotten, though not for too long. Matching dress with a handbag, hat, and accessories with the same print are proposed by Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch. Probably it is time to check what is in the closet.
  • Puff sleeves will be present not only in blouses. They will decorate dresses, overalls, and even jackets. One may notice that the puffier the better it is, and that is right.
  • Trouser suit will be replaced with the one with medium-length shorts. Quite a convenient solution for office clerks.

The men’s fashion is not less diverse: bright fluorescent colors with hi-tech features, as well as tie-dye print, minimalism, and logomania are the trends of 2019 for both genders.

2019 Tendencies for Men in Fashion

  • The military has not been forgotten: uniform with pockets, zippers, and fastenings in presented in jackets and trousers of Dsquared2 and Les Hommes.
  • Sport and street styles have not decreased their presence in men’s fashion. All these wide trousers, sleeveless vests, and T-shirts will be inherent to the wardrobe of men in the recent season.
  • Double-breasted jacket is back to make each image and style elegant. It can be worn instead of a coat or bomber jacket. Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli have presented lots of such samples.

In any case, looking trendy and stylish adds confidence and assurance. Some of the recently fashionable clothes can be found not only in shops but also in a wardrobe at home. Check them out and look fabulous!




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