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Do you feel like you’re done with this year already? Or are you sad and depressed when you look in the mirror? Well, your life may be like the opening theme of FRIENDS but that definitely doesn’t mean you can tweak yourself a bit to bring back that old spark. Hair is underrated. Changing your hairstyle can bring about radical changes in your perception. A bad hair day depresses everyone while a good hair day can do wonders. Changing your hairstyle have been noticed as a metaphor for changing your life. Change your look (and life) with these top 5 hairstyles in 2019- one hairstyle at a time!

  1. Jane Birkin bangs

Bangs have been around for a long time and have never really gone out of fashion. They have merely stayed away from the limelight for a while, but stylist Marc Mena says that 2019 will see the return of that innocent, classy, eyebrow-grazing, french chic look. Women will be vying for those Jane Birkin Bangs once again. Getting bangs is an easy way to change your hairstyle without actually making any drastic changes to the length of your hair. So you get to keep your hair, and you get your style; what could be better!?

  1. Bedhead

That “I-woke-up-like-this” look was always endearing and this year it’s coming back with a bang. Celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons says that women are embracing the bedhead look with loose, wavy tresses. Finger combing is regaining popularity. Bedheads are a great way to look effortless and you can style it in a way to be cute or sexy. And it can also be incorporated in with other styles. You can have layers or straight hair and still have a bedhead look. The versatility of this look is the best thing about it. But for the bedhead look to work, maintain your hair texture and keep it healthy. Scrunch it up with an iron or go for alternate loose curls.

  1. Short, textured chops

Short hair can be drastic, but if the comfort zone is NOT your thing, then short hair is definitely your thing. This style is cut short at the back but is longer in the front giving you a cool, emo look. This is the style used by Scarlett Johansson at the Emmy’s. Moreover, short hair is easy to maintain and you don’t need to spend much time on it. Try asymmetrical cuts if you are feeling

extra-daring. Overall, short hair is amazing and can definitely be unique if you do it right. For very short hair updos, think Emma Watson or Shaline Woodley & see here for a perfect example of it.

  1. Loose Wavy Updos

This style too was popular back in the good ol’ days of the 90s and is now coming back to take the stage. This style can do anything, according to stylists, from going to the gym to a party in the evening. To get this look, start out with damp hair and diffuse and bring out as much of your natural wave as possible. Once it is really dry and messy, spray the roots with a dry texture spray. Separate a bit of your hair from the top of your hairline as though you are making a low ponytail and twist that hair back into a messy french twist. Clip it up or pin it down with hairpins or bobby pins. Then take the loose strands and curl them or just let them hang to create a romantic messy texture.

  1. Mermaid hair

This typically refers to impossibly long, thick, textures waves (think of all the mermaids you knew as a child). Yeah, sounds impossible right? Those who are naturally lucky enough to have beautiful long and wavy hair, good for them, it’s an easy style for them then. But those who shudder at the time and energy and money they have to put in to get this look, worry not. You can ‘cheat’ this look. Anything can be faked and that stands true for hair as well. Use extensions which match your hair to get this look. The mermaid hair is characterized by lots of small, seemingly natural waves in the hair at extraordinary lengths. Stylist, Lawless says, “this look will be everywhere in 2019 in my opinion”.

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