Top dog breeds that are the best hunters

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Hunting with pet dogs is a hobby which is famous all around the world. People love to have dogs and go hunt with them because it is fun, rather safe and great physical exercise for the dog. The hunters go to great details in this regard from choosing the best breed for hunting and training them while keeping them safe and secure for a great experience of hunting. There is a vast range of hunting dogs breed from where hunters chose as per their likeness, type of hunting an area where they are hunting. But the first step of the hunting is the training of these dogs because without proper training these pets cannot be much beneficial for the owner. The training can be difficult especially with old methods but with the advancement in technology and training equipment, training a dog for hunting has become massively more comfortable. K9 Electronic is one of the leading companies making advanced training products for hunters. Their items are latest, stylish, lightweight, sturdy and reliable. These products are useful both on land and in water and come with a range above 1 mile. The technology from K9 Electronic is state-of-the-art as it is being developed according to the needs of the hunter and dogs.

Following are some of the best breeds of dogs for hunting and the K9 Electronics products for helping in training a dog for hunting.

1.    Labrador Retriever

It is in the name of the dog. The Labrador Retrievers are one of the best water dogs and may be the ultimate choice for waterfowl hunt. Their passion for outdoor, energy and will to go as far as they can to retrieve the kill are some of the qualities this breed has. The Dogtra ARC HandsFree Training Collars are may be the best collar for Retrievers. These collars have range up to ¾mile, both collar and transmitter are completely waterproof and have 127 levels of stimulation, hence a right choice for Labrador Retriever’s hunting training.  

2.    Beagle

The Beagles are considered to be the “iconic” hunting dogs and are famous for their energy. Small in size, these dogs love to chase the kill just like American Foxhounds. Although they are not the players of the big game due to their short legs for a small hunt like rabbits, Beagles are may be the best choice. To train this small size dog, K9 Electronics has designed the ideal collars-PetSafe Yard Safe Trainer-for them. This collar is best for 8lbs and more dogs and has sensitive vibration for sensitive dogs like Beagles. With its range from 300 to 600, the hunters can train their dogs while keeping a close eye on them.

3.    Pointer

Pointers are may be the most famous hunting dogs especially in Southern USA and ultimate choice for hunting in vast fields. With K9 Electronics’ collar like Educator Series, these hunting dogs can be trained excellently in a safe and secure environment.


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