Tried & Tested Ways To Start A Side Business From Home

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Whilst the idea of being able to make monezy from the comfort of your own home may still feel like a somewhat alien concept to many, for many more people across the globe, it’s complete reality – whether it’s running a full scale business from home or just adding in some extra income each month, there’s no denying that this is now becoming far more common thanks to the internet and social media.

So, if you’re wondering if you’re able to start even bringing in a few hundred extra a month as a side gig that perhaps one day you might look at turning into a full business online, then in this post we’re going to share with you some of our top tried and tested ways to start a successful side business from home.


If you’ve never even dabbled in the idea of making money online in any way, then freelancing is probably one of the best ways you can go with this since you’re basically only going to need to come up with a service that you can offer people in order to benefit them, and then you need an internet connection and a laptop or phone depending on how you’re going to be working with your clients to deliver this service, but freelancing really requires little to no start up costs, which is great if you’re brand new and just testing the waters. As an example of what you could offer as a freelancer, you could offer copywriting, social media marketing, tax consulting, graphic design, and so much more.

Virtual Assistant:

If you have a broad range of skills that you could use to help other business become more organized and efficient in their own business, such as providing things like admin, email marketing, filing, document scanning services, client communication, or even responding to comments on social media, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is generally a highly valued member of a business owner’s team who is really able to keep things running smoothly in the background.


If there’s a specific topic that you’re passionate about such as vegan skincare, travel, nutrition, parenting or any other topic, then you could start a blog around this and schedule out some posts that you can then monetize through paid ads and even things like affiliate marketing if you review and recommend other people’s products on your blog and in return you get a commission on each sale you refer successfully.


Dropshipping is the perfect business model for anyone who’s ever wanted to own their own retail store, but doesn’t have the funding or the space to set up a place that would require lots of stock to be held. Dropshipping cuts out the middle man and enables you to make a much higher profit because of low overheads and once someone buys from your site, then the manufacturer or supplier will handle all of the shipping and you make the difference in the cost of the product, which can often be upwards of hundreds per sale.

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