Unmissable Top 3 Art Galleries in London

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London is full of exciting things to get involved with. After all, England’s capital is world famous for its offerings in arts and education, and its galleries combine the two in expert fashion. But which art galleries are the must-see experiences here? Which can perhaps be left for another time?

Therefore, it’s time to grab yourself some off peak tickets and head on down to the capital. Witnessing some of the finest art collections in history has never been easier!

Consequently, here’re the unmissable top art galleries you can find in London.

The National Gallery

Boasting free entry and a world-renowned reputation, no trip to London is complete without a visit to The National Gallery. It’s easy to find as it’s located in Trafalgar Square, so even if you’re not specifically looking for it during your trip, you’ll stumble upon it soon enough. As it’s free entry (excluding certain exhibitions), there’s really no reason as to why you shouldn’t step inside and see what all the fuss is about!

While you can view many of the works online, witnessing them in person for yourself is an entirely different experience. From Da Vinci to Van Gogh, the heavy hitters of art all have some of form of their work inside. Ultimately, you’d be a special brand of crazy to pass on this kind of opportunity.

Royal Academy of Arts

If you thought The National Gallery couldn’t be topped on a title basis, then the Royal Academy of Arts should at least gives you pause for consideration here? This institution happens to be the first art school in British history, spawning many of the greats of raw, artistic talent for over 250 years. A visit is surely on the cards already…

Today however, they’ve expanded their campus and opened a new area for public viewing. Here you’ll find free displays and collections that you can study and be struck by at your own leisurely pace. Moreover, the Royal Academy of Arts is run by world-leading artists and architects, boosting its credibility tenfold. Lastly, if you care more about getting hungry, thirsty or fancying a souvenir to take home, many on-campus shops will sort you out on that score too!  

Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) was founded 72 years ago in 1947, and unlike the Royal Academy of Arts, was discovered by more than just artists and architects alone. An assortment of additional figures came together here; poets and even critics joined the scene to create something truly special; the Institute of Contemporary Arts! This is where pop art was originated before the United States made it bigger and better.

Here you’ll discover exhibitions and performance pieces that truly have an eye on the future. ICA is also located between Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and Piccadilly Circus which makes it easily accessible – and perhaps should give you a clue or two about its significance to British culture! There’s free entry on Tuesdays, so head on down!

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