What Makeup Can’t You Live Without?

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Most women have their own unique way of using makeup to bring out their very best facial features. What makeup is used is very personal. The skin condition is a major factor in what kind of makeup is used for the face. If you have any kind of oily skin, oil-free makeup is probably in your makeup bag right now. If you suffer from breakouts from makeup, run, don’t walk to the store and get oil-free makeup. It will work wonders for oily, break-out prone skin. There are so many cosmetics on the market to use, but you want to keep it simple. Here are four possible must-have’s when it comes to what to include in a makeup bag.

Some Kind Of Foundation

Concealer, foundation, tinted moisturizer, whatever skin colored cover-up is your favorite is a must-have in the makeup case. Whether you need something to cover up small imperfections or you need to refresh a thin layer of foundation, a skin color coverage makeup should always be within arm’s length. Cover-ups and foundations are very popular. It is always good to buy makeup that is cruelty-free, meaning not tested on animals. There is enough money in the makeup industry for cosmetic companies to do proper testing without harming or using animals of any kind.


There is nothing like an enhanced eye with a thin layer of eyeliner. A light layering among the eyelashes can make you look like you have thicker eyelashes than you have. It can work wonders. Eyeliner is a popular product in a makeup bag. When you cannot bring very much due to a small purse, a small eyeliner is easy to pop in a small purse. Again, cruelty-free makeup is easy to find. It is always good to support responsible companies by buying their products.

Lipstick Or Lip Balm

Our lips are usually a very stand out feature on our face, whether they are very small or very large. Lips are the perfect place to splash a bit of color to enhance the beauty of our face. Having a lipstick in our makeup bag is definitely something we must carry. It is easy to have more than one lipstick, but it is possible to put one small lipstick in our bag for all times. If not a lipstick, a nice lip gloss or something to keep lips moisturized and looking healthy works well.

Mascara Or A Palette of Color

Long lashes are the in thing these days. Having a no-smudge mascara must also be in the makeup bag. Most of the time, women want black or brown to match the color of their actual lashes. Some women like to go a little wild and use mascara as another option for adding color to the face. There are some women who don’t like wearing mascara or, lucky them, they don’t need any mascara. For women who don’t need mascara in their makeup bag, a palette of color is a very useful makeup for a cosmetic bag. A palette of color will allow you to do many things. You can put a splash of color on the area between the eyebrow and eyelid. You can also put color on the eyelid. Then there is also the possibility to splash a little color on the cheeks.

Just a little makeup goes a long way. No matter what age you are, enhancing your beauty with a little color is fabulous. These are some of the most popular makeup choices to have in a small cosmetic bag. The choice is always up to you. Only you know what you need to enhance your own beauty determined by your own facial features. It is always good to buy cosmetics that are cruelty-free. This means that our little furry friends are protected from cruel companies that don’t care about animal safety. Every day is a new day to look beautiful. Makeup helps us along the way so we can present our best selves to the world.

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