Where Does The Money Go?

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Where does the money go? Perhaps this is the first question that pops out in our minds when we think of our favorite celebrities, isn’t it? Well, let us take an estimate as to when their money actually goes.

Let us start with, the strong security investment. We think that celebrities spend a fortune to hire a good security team to keep themselves safe in all kinds of environments. A good security team is worth a fortune as they have to be trustworthy, professionals and skilled enough to deal with situations.

Gadgets like automatic machines and then the latest and most expensive smart phones or the tablets to God know what’s trending in the market. Some celebrities have to have it all and would go to any extent to get the limited edition gadgets or customized gadgets.

Jewelry whether it is the diamond rings for girls, some precious stones, latest earring designs, studs, delicate ornaments with minute and detailed designing, we are sure that’s where the money goes. While the jewelry for promotional events are sponsored, the celebs do attend a lot f get together events and parties, and what better place to show off their new piece of jewelry, right?

Another craze that celebrities have is of cars. From sports cars to luxury cars to vintage cars, they have mixed tastes. Especially the male celebrities, they are quite fond of sports cars and limited edition customized cars and even bikes for that matter. It doesn’t really stop there. There are expensive add-ons to these cars and bikes.  One of the starts actually had a custom made car design where the bumpers of the cars were engrained with diamond stones. Well, that is probably where the money goes.

Celebrity hangouts are next up in line. Celebrities throw huge and fancy parties for their so called friends with strange themes. It includes hiring a party planner, then booking a venue (which can be as crazy as a cruise party for no good reason to celebrate, or a private beach party), and then sending out customized invites and then selecting the perfect outfit and makeup and the list goes on and on and on.

Another craze that celebrities have is for pets, which is fine, unless they have strange demands like a pet peacock (trust me, someone actually has one). It doesn’t stop there; the list goes on to adopting or rather, buying the most expensive, rarest of the rarest, or some kind of mixed breed animal. Probably the pet has its own house and a set of care takers as well. Not to forget, the special treatment that the pets get in the form of special food (some celebrities have a special chef to make food only for the pet), or spa or makeover sessions for the pet, a customized diamond studded lash and of course, pet birthday parties.

Last but not the least, maintaining their lifestyle probably requires a lot of investment. And no matter where the money goes, they do know where the money can come from.

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