Where To Find the Inspiration To Do More

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Sometimes, usually late at night, or when we’re on a long train journey, or otherwise in a reflective state of mind, our thoughts turn to all the things that we’d like to do. We’re filled with a rush of inspiration to be better, to do more, to make a difference. But of course, this inspiration doesn’t last long. In a couple of hours, we’re back to just living life, with no eye on achieving or being more. Then, some time not long after, the process begins again, and we kick ourselves for having not done anything to push ourselves forward! If that sounds familiar, then read on. Below, we take a look at a few places you can look to find inspiration to do more.

What Will Your Life Story Say?

Sometimes, it’s not a lack of inspiration that holds us back, but fear. We’re afraid that we’re going to fail, we’re afraid of leaving behind the comfortable existence we’ve created for ourselves. These can feel very real, but then can be overcome! A good place to start is to think not just of the here and now, and the temporary feelings of fear and the like that’ll follow the change, but to think of all time. When you’re older, what do you want your life to have been like? You don’t want to look back and think “ah, if only I’d taken a chance…”

People Who Inspire

You’re not the only person who wishes they could do more. The bulk of people think this way! Of course, not everyone makes it through to the other side — some people live their whole life waiting for inspiration to strike, yet it never comes. But there are people who succeed, plenty of them, in fact. As such, why not take a look at these people, and follow their lead? You don’t need to look very far to find people who have pushed out of their way of being and achieved more.

You’ll know people like this yourself. Do you know someone who, say, quit their job to pursue their passion? That’s inspiring — and even if your dream looks different, you can still be inspired by their actions. If you don’t know anyone like this, then look at those multi-talented stars instead. There are singers who paint, super models who sing, stand up comedians who act, and so on. All of these examples share one thing in common — they were unwilling to settle for success in one field, but rather wanted to try their hand at something else.

Hardship Stories

If you live in the West, then the chances are that you’re pretty lucky. If you have a family, went to college, have a steady income and so on, then there’s no doubt about it — you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet! Alas, that doesn’t always provide the motivation we need to push ourselves to do more, mostly because we’re not always aware of how fortunate we are. Instead, we need to have our fortune placed in context. Take a read (or listen) to accounts of people who had to overcome hardship, and you’ll be more inclined to make the most of your position. Plus, there are some stories so full of human effort, compassion, and love that it’ll be impossible not to be motivated to do more.

Just Get Moving

Sometimes, we can sit around, waiting for inspiration to strike. If we’re just patient, then it will come. Or so we tell ourselves. In reality, in many cases, we make our own luck. If you lack in motivation, it’s a good idea to simply get moving, in any direction. Energy produces more energy! Even if you have to endure a couple of false starts, you’ll find that things naturally begin to happen if you get going.

Remember: Everything is Possible

The thing that holds us back isn’t lack of time or anything like that — it’s fear. We have doubts. We think we’ll look stupid, or that what we’re trying to achieve just isn’t possible. But if you’re going to push forward and achieve something in life, you need to remember something that’s mightily important: everything is possible! Once you understand that, you’ll be much more inclined to take chances. You’ll be living a life full of inspiration. Don’t forget the old wisdom from Henry Ford: Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you’re correct!

Take the tips we’ve outlined above, and begin living a life filled with inspiration and possibility!


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