Why Hookahs Have Risen in Popularity During the Last Year

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A hookah is a kind of smoking apparatus that originated in the 16th century Persian Empire. Many of the products and even the hookah lounge etiquette practiced today can be traced back that far. It is very old but has recently become very popular, thanks to teenagers and young adults using it in large numbers and the growing number of hookah lounges across the country.

What Makes Up a Hookah

The word “hookah” is both a noun and a verb. On the one hand, it is the apparatus that is used to perform the act while on the other hand, it is also the act of smoking itself. The central drug used in hookah is tobacco, which is typically flavored using molasses, dried fruit, honey and other sweeteners to make the tobacco vapors more pleasant to smoke.

The hookah apparatus can have either a single pipe or multiple ones on a central apparatus that vaporizes and flavors tobacco for smoking. Most hookahs are made of glass, but you will also easily find other materials, such as ceramics, brass and other metals, with some of them coming with intricate patterns painted on them.

The hookah looks a lot like a lamp before you put the lampshade on it. It is oblong in shape and has been specifically designed with a lot of engineering put into its design to do its job perfectly well. In a hookah, the vapor is sucked through a water chamber, being warmed by a bunch of coals on its way. The whole process is triggered when the smoker pulls on the pipe, which also provides suction for pulling the vapor through.

The Reasons Behind the Rise in Popularity Are Many

The practice of smoking hookah has become quite popular in modern times, with the bars and shops becoming widely proliferated not only across the country but also around the world. Young high school and college students aren’t going to hookah lounges to do the smoking; they often like to buy the hookah apparatus from the shops and take them home where they smoke them in private with their friends and family.

There are many reasons why hookah seems to have grown so much in popularity. The first reason is the most obvious of them all and that is the exotic appeal that it has. Since it comes from the Middle East, it bears the privilege of many other non-Western phenomena, such as yoga or martial arts, where Westerners are attracted by the alternativeness and, sometimes, rebellion that comes with trying something out.

Most people don’t even know hookah history, which makes it a great object of curiosity and the center of many discussions. Additionally, the hookah and the culture surrounding its use encourage socialization to a great deal. The practice of smoking is laid back and encourages people to sit round in a circle and casually enjoy each other’s company, even discussing intellectual subjects if they want.

Apart from all of that, hookah is popularly thought to be safer than cigarette smoking and also a more pleasant experience, due to the flavoring of the tobacco smoke. This has led to it largely being used as a replacement for cigarette smoking.

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