15 benefits for your health when moving on an electric bike

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Riding a bicycle is a very beneficial exercise for health, which also does not have the cons of many other sports, in the form of suffering, injuries, need for certain facilities … The only thing we have to do is get on the bike and, simply enjoy.

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Moving on electric bicycles is a highly advisable exercise to keep us in shape. You do not have to be a trained cyclist to travel long distances and overcome steep slopes. The assistance of the electric motor in our electric bike will help us to reduce the effort, but we will not stop doing an exercise that brings many benefits to our physical and mental health.

Benefits for the health of the electric bike

1. Strengthens the heart

“Who moves the legs, moves the heart,” a very eloquent maxim that alludes to the benefits on the heart and the circulatory system. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of having a heart attack by more than 50 percent. On the electric bike, we do aerobic exercise, popularly called ‘cardio,’ which helps improve cardiorespiratory function and promotes fat burning. In addition, it is a soft to moderate exercise, which is what brings the most benefits.

2. Reduce the tension

Another benefit of moving a bicycle, directly related to the good state of our heart is that it reduces or prevents hypertension.

3. Overweight  

Doing aerobic exercise will help reduce weight by burning calories, improving circulation and stimulating the metabolism.

4. Reduce cholesterol

By stimulating metabolism, the presence of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood is reduced, while the production of good cholesterol (HDL) is increased. In this way, the fluidity of the blood circulation and the health of the arteries are maintained.

5. Helps maintain adequate blood sugar levels

The regular use of the electric bicycle decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 20 percent, according to a study carried out in Denmark with 24,623 men and 27,890 women between 50 and 65 years old, published in the PLOS Medicine.

6. Strengthens the back

If we adopt an appropriate position on our electric bike, pedaling allows strengthening the lower back and small muscles of the vertebrae or the lumbosacral region. It is a good exercise for certain back pains due to sedentary lifestyle to disappear.

7. Reduces joint pain

Riding an electric bicycle is an excellent exercise for the joints since it causes its continuous movement, but without the overloads and impacts of other sports, which end up in annoying and painful injuries.

8. Prevention of osteoporosis

Exercise on an electric bike also has a very positive influence on the bone structure of our body. It can increase the bone density of children; and in adults delays degeneration and prevents osteoporosis.

9. Improves muscle tone

When pedaling, not only increases the oxygenation of muscles, also tone and strength.

10. More flexibility

It is an exercise that also promotes flexibility and the good condition of ligaments and tendons.

11. Less stress and anxiety

Like many other positive exercises, riding a bike helps reduce psychological disorders, stress and anxiety. This also increases our self-esteem and helps create a more balanced and satisfying mood. In addition, as stress, anxiety and mental fatigue are the main causes of insomnia, pedaling is the perfect “medication” against this ailment, which affects millions of Spaniards.

12. More happy  

It is a scientifically proven fact: moving on an electric bike stimulates the production of many hormones. After 30 or 40 minutes of exercise, the body begins to release endorphins (the so-called happiness hormone) that make us feel better.

13. Other benefits for the brain

In addition to everything said, the increase in oxygen flow to the brain improves cognitive ability and enhances memory.

14. Less diseases  

Another benefit of physical activity such as cycling is that it stimulates the immune system, increasing the body’s defenses.

15. We feel much alive

The electric bike brings so many physical and psychological benefits that all those who try it coincide in pointing out that they feel much alive and that their life has changed for the better.


It must also be borne in mind that cities are becoming increasingly “friendly” for cyclists and bicycles. They are incorporating bicycle lanes, shared roadways, public bicycle systems and bicycle parking …

As a result, there are more and more users who dare to move by electric bicycle through the city. And, the greater the number of users, road safety improves. In addition, by increasing sales of electric bicycles and improving technology, prices go down.


In short, all are advantages offered by this means of transport that has long ceased to be something of the future. The electric bicycle is the perfect alternative to the present.


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