3 Things To Do Before Starting A Career In Real-Estate

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What do Stefan Aarnio in Canada, Desirée Patno in California, and Roger O’steen in Jacksonville have in common?

Answer: they have all found success in the world of real-estate; winning awards, increasing their wealth, and serving the needs of home buyers and local communities.

They are but a few examples, and while they may have started small within their careers, they grew and accomplished some incredible things. You need only research each person to find out more.

So, if you’re interested in a career with growth potential, with both financial and personal rewards, then you might consider a career in real-estate yourself. If so, there are a few things you need to do first.

#1: Contemplate the area you want to go into

When people consider a career in real-estate, they generally think about becoming an agent or a real-estate investor. Excellent ideas, both. However, on getting your real-estate license, there are other options open to you. You could become a managing broker, a property manager, a real-estate developer, and if you’re willing to go back to school, even a real-estate attorney. These are just a few common examples; you can find out about these and other career opportunities here. There are a wealth of options open to you, and as this career path isn’t static, you can tailor your career as you go. Put in the research and then create an action plan to help you walk the path you want to go down.

#2: Educate yourself

This isn’t a career to jump into blindly, so after working out what role you might be interested in taking on, you should educate yourself further to make sure you are taking the right step. This includes speaking to others in the field so you can get a realistic account of what it’s like to work in real-estate. So, you might want to pop into a local real-estate firm, look for specific groups on social media and online forums, and talk to people that you know who have already made an in-road into this career. Despite the dollar signs in your eyes, it’s important to know the pros and cons of real-estate, and some experienced words of wisdom from other professionals will alert you to the reality. You should also read up on the subject, so pick up a book or two, including any from this best-reads list, and learn as much as you can before moving forward.

#3: Get your real-estate license

If, after contemplating the options open to you, you decide on entering the world of real-estate, you need to get a license to qualify you for the position. This is essential, not only for working for yourself but for working for a real-estate employer too. There are set requirements for getting licensed, depending on the state you intend to work in, but as a rule, most of the steps are the same. Take a look at this article to find out more. Please note: you don’t need to be licensed if you intend to start a career in real estate investing, although the training you are given might still be useful to you and might open doors in the future if you decide on changing your career path.


There is more to know about real-estate than what we have listed here, so go online and find out more if you’re interested in this field as a career path. Let us know what you think, and if you have already made inroads into a real-estate career, please share your words of wisdom with us for the benefit of any interested readers.


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