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3 Ways Languages Can Improve Your Life As A Student

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The benefits of learning a new language go far beyond just being bilingual. Having the ability to forge cross-cultural relations is, of course, hugely advantageous, but it’s not the only reward you will reap when you embark on language study. Importantly, you will also improve your life as a student when you learn a second- or even third language.

To find out how studying another language can make you a better overall student, make sure to read on.

You’ll become a better decision maker

Studies have shown that multilinguals are, in fact, great decision makers. Not to get too scientific, but this is all down to conditioning and framing. Quite simply, people who are bilingual find it much easier to remain at an even keel when faced with answering tough questions in their second language. This ability to stay level-headed means multilinguals aren’t easily swayed by the words and phrases that are used, say, in political speeches.

Many experts have theorized why this is the case, and most come back with the same answer: larger psychological distance. Multilinguals are forced to think about the answers that they give a little bit more than mother-tongue speakers are. As a result, people who speak other languages aren’t afforded the opportunity to act on impulse.

The ability to process information rationally is one that could benefit you in your bid to enjoy academic success. It could, for instance, help you to pinpoint information in textbooks quicker and, thus, assist you in writing better essays.

You’ll find it easier to take part in a structured curriculum

The more you involve yourself in organized learning environments, the likes of which can be found in extra-curricular foreign language courses, the more comfortable you will become with the concept of the structured curriculum. This will only ever stand you in good stead as you seek to become an A grade student, as it will improve your concentration levels in the classroom.

All over the world, there are a plethora of foreign language courses to enroll yourself on — if you live in England, for instance, and want to learn Mandarin, you can do so by signing up to the lessons offered by Chinese School London. You need not worry, then, that the opportunity to learn a second language is not available to you, no matter where you live.

You’ll enhance your creativity

Researches have also concluded that multilingualism is also a stimulant for creativity. This conclusion stems from the fact that, as a bilingual speaker, it is easy to forget words or get them mixed up while you are swapping between the languages that you speak, which then leads you to finding random words to fill in the gaps. Reaching for alternative words in this instance is said to make you more well versed and skilled when it comes to thinking on your feet and being more creative.

Creativity is always a good thing in education. Even if you are studying a subject based wholly on fact, like math or science, you can still work out answers by being a bit creative.

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