3 Ways To Stay Healthy Even At Work

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We spend a lot of time at work – around a third of our lives, and sometimes more. Therefore, if we can be as healthy as possible while we are there, we can keep ourselves more healthy overall. If our work is causing us to be sick, then the rest of our lives will be difficult to deal with too. Here are some useful tips on ways to stay healthy at work.  

Eat Well

It is easy to snack on unhealthy foods and drink soda and coffee all day when we’re at work – it’s quick, and it’s convenient, and a lot of the time we don’t even have to leave our desks. However, this is not a good idea.

Firstly, it’s always best to leave your desk when it’s time for lunch and to go outside if you can. Getting some fresh air will help you to have a clearer head, and make the afternoon much easier to deal with. If you can’t go outside then at least go to a break room, or somewhere different to where you have been sitting all day. Although something vital to remember is that it’s not just where you eat that’s important; it’s what you eat.

Preparing lunches at home won’t take long, and it will mean that you know exactly what you are eating. You can prepare a sandwich without all the additives and flavorings, or make a delicious salad with all the ingredients that you enjoy. You won’t be so tempted to grab something from a fast food restaurant or order takeout to your desk, and best of all you’ll save money as well as improve how healthy you are.

You should also drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.  Plus, the more water you drink, the less caffeine and sugar you will be consuming, and that’s a positive too. Make sure your employer provides fresh filtered water, either from an office water dispenser or other filtration system.

Commute Well

How do you currently get to work? Do you drive? Take the train or bus? If so, could you change the way you go to work and do something more healthy? Could you walk or cycle, for example? In some cases it will be too far for this kind of transport, but what about getting off the train at an earlier stop and cycling from there? Or parking farther away and walking the rest of the journey?

Maybe you could set up a scheme that encouraged others to do the same, and you could walk to work together, or cycle as a pair, or a larger group. This can often be less overwhelming, especially if you have never traveled in this way before. Not only will you have company, but you will be helping others to be healthier too.

If you are new to this kind of exercise, or if you had previously cycled and had an accident that needed compensation through remember to speak to your doctor to ensure that it is safe for you to cycle in this way.

Sit Well

Back, neck, shoulder, hip, and even knee and ankle pain can all be attributed to sitting at a desk or in a chair (or both) that is not suited to you. Speak to your employer about having ergonomically designed furniture within the office, as this will help to keep your posture good and will support your joints.

You can get ergonomic chairs and desks, and also footrests, computer mice, or keyboards amongst other useful items.

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