7 tips on how to promote yourself online

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These days almost everyone uses the Internet to search for vacancies. But have you thought about using the Internet to promote yourself? For example, to show examples of your work or to share your professional knowledge? After these 7 steps, you’re sure to be found by your ideal employer.

1. Plan your actions

Promoting yourself on the Internet starts with a plan. Large companies even use a separate editorial calendar for this. Write down what you want to publish on which site and how often. Also, put this on your agenda. Do you suddenly get a good idea? Make a note of this immediately on your phone or in a notebook.

2. Choose the right media

Write in your plan which social media or other websites best suit your work. Are you a writer or an editor? Then you can show your current knowledge with fast, daily updates on Twitter. Do you have a profession where you create items? Then share photos of your most beautiful work on Instagram or post videos with it on YouTube.


Education is very important for LinkedIn. Nowadays, nobody asks “What is a diploma of higher education?” because everyone knows that it’s not worth much on its own. If you have a higher degree, make sure that your Linkedin profile displays it properly.

3. Use your name

Consistently use your own name for everything you want the employer to see. Do you have a common name? Then add something that you expect the employer to use as a keyword. For example, also mention your city name or job title in the description of yourself on YouTube or Facebook.

4. Ensure quality

Make sure that your posts and photos are always good quality. Are you bad at writing texts? Then present your work with images. Are you going to post photos on Instagram? Then teach yourself how to take the best photos. Do you write messages on Twitter? Then always use proper grammar.

5. Make connections

Promoting yourself online is easiest if you connect your different accounts. For example, refer to your Facebook profile on your website’s ‘about me’ section. Do this the other way around too. This way the employer knows exactly what does belong to you. Put the most important link on your CV too.

6. What do you do with responses?

Because you share information online, there is a chance that others will respond to it. Do they not agree with what you are saying? Then always stay professional. Depending on the situation, you can thank the other person sincerely for the insights, or oppose the statement with acknowledgement of the source. In all cases, always stay neat and friendly.

7. If you have the job

Have you found a good job? Then the temptation is great to stop your online activities. Unfortunately, this would be the wrong signal to the employer. You never know when you will be looking for a new job again. Always stay active!

Promote yourself online at different sites

Don’t promote yourself only on one website. There are many social media pages that you can use. The more you are active, the faster you will be found by the employer. Promoting your online image on different websites is therefore a wise move.


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