8 Things You Need to Think About When Buying a Necklace for a Special Occasion

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Sometimes we need a little something extra to make our outfit truly stand out. While we can add or take away layers of clothing or even change our shoes, sometimes it’s not the outfit itself that needs to be altered; sometimes the addition of accessories can make all the difference.

One of the best accessories to add to a bland outfit is jewelry. However, jewelry must be chosen carefully as it can make or break an outfit. A necklace that is too long or too short, too thin or too chunky, and too shiny or too dull for your outfit can certainly have a negative effect on your overall appearance.

Considering the following eight things, you can better ensure that the necklace you select for your next special occasion or event will be the right pick.


  • The shape and length of the neckline of the shirt or dress you will be wearing it with


The neckline of your shirt or dress is one of the most important factors to consider before picking out a necklace. For instance, a short v-neck usually doesn’t look very suitable with a long, oval necklace, but rather, with a short, rounded necklace or a “y” necklace.

Truth be told, it can be difficult finding a necklace that suits certain necklines. Sometimes your best option in this scenario is to find necklaces online to come across a wider selection of necklace of various lengths and shapes.


  • The level of bling you’re comfortable with


Not everyone likes a lot of sparkles and shine when it comes to selecting jewelry, especially males. If your outfit will already have enough sheen or if the event or occasion will be less formal, there’s really no need to find a necklace with a lot of bling anyway.

Even if you feel obligated to wear a necklace with a touch of sparkle if you will be attending a formal event, know that you can still find a necklace appropriate for the occasion without too much bling-bling, or even any at all. However, if you do want a necklace with bling, go for one that you’re comfortable with.


  • The color of your outfit


Just like when it comes to picking out articles of clothing and shoes to go with it, every aspect of your outfit must either match or complement one another. The same goes for the necklaces, even ones made of metal. Aim for a necklace that adds necessary contrast to your outfit or a necklace that features a color that is briefly accented in your outfit.


  • The material and level of care of your prospective necklace


The material you select for your future necklace is important for three main reasons: 1) the material of a necklace can impact its price, 2) some materials are easier to care for than others, and 3) certain materials might be more appropriate for certain occasions than others.

Whether you opt for a necklace made of a precious metal, base metal, or another material, there’s often going to be some form of care required for your prospective necklace.  Opting for a necklace made of, say, rubber or plastic, there won’t really be much maintenance required. However, jewelry of any type of metal certainly will.

If you want a low-maintenance piece of jewelry, your best bet is to opt for one made of a cheaper metal or other material, something more affordable that won’t be too much of a loss if it does end up damaged or discolored over time.


  • Whether or not you will be wearing other jewelry along with your necklace


There is such a thing as too much jewelry. Wearing a ring or two with a necklace is fine. But three rings, two bracelets, a necklace, and dangly earrings may just be too much for most outfits. If you plan on wearing other jewelry, consider the fact that a large, sparkly necklace might be better by itself or with just one or two thinner pieces of jewelry.


  • The type of occasion you will be attending


Just like certain outfits are appropriate for certain occasions, certain pieces of jewelry are as well. Attending a funeral or more casual event, it wouldn’t be appropriate, for instance, to wear a necklace with a lot of bling. Likewise, it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear a charm necklace to a formal wedding.

The formality of your necklace, as well as your outfit, need to match that of the special occasion or event you will be attending. Apart from bling, the color, style, and material will come into play when deciding whether or not a potential necklace is not formal enough or too formal for your upcoming occasion.


  • What you personally like in a necklace


Apart from finding a necklace that is aesthetically suitable with your outfit, requires an appropriate level of care and maintenance, and has the right amount of bling for your comfort level and the type of event you will be attending, it’s important to find a necklace that you can say you truly like.

Finding a necklace that you love, you can be confident wearing it. Additionally, opting for a necklace that has features you love, you are more likely to wear the necklace for other future occasions, allowing you to get your money’s worth out of it.


  • Your maximum budget


Your budget is vital to consider before purchasing a necklace for a very good reason: because nobody has unlimited money in the bank! Apart from selecting a necklace within what you can afford, your prospective necklace’s budget should represent how often you might wear that necklace, not just for your special event, but afterward too.


Although it seems easy to select a necklace as you might already have an image in your head of exactly what you want and like, in reality, there are necklaces that feature different styles, colors, lengths and thicknesses, and materials. With all of these options at hand, it can be frustrating to find that perfect necklace for your next occasion.

However, considering the latter points before compulsively buying any ole necklace, you can end up with a piece of jewelry that not only looks stunning with the outfit you’ll be wearing for your upcoming event but will be something you genuinely love for a long time.


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