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Brighten Up Your Travel Wardrobe With This Summer’s Best Handbags

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Where are you headed this summer? Wherever it might be, we bet you’ll have a lot to carry around with you. Think twice before you grab the first bag you see — let’s brighten things up a little for your next vacation.

The accessories you wear should resonate well with your personality, your outfit, and the changing seasons. And guess what? The best time of year is coming up, which means you’re more than ready to dive into coveted summer handbags.

What’s more, it’s not all about the beautiful designs. Much like travel bags, all handbags come in different sizes and materials that go well with every occasion and preference. Below, we’ve listed a few summer favorites so you don’t run out of options (or leave anything behind).

Straw bucket bag

Does anything remind you of the beach more than buckets and shovel toys? Well, this bag design is here to make you reminisce, even if you’re not resting your feet on fluffy sand.

Its cylindrical look gives you plenty of space to fit more of what you’ll need during a sun-soaked afternoon. The boho straw crisscross delivers a final touch of simple sophistication that compliments any summer look.

Clear and minimal

Clear handbags and fanny packs are generally standard in concerts and festivals due to safety measures. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock them during long stays at the beach or usual busy weekdays.

Thanks to the transparency of clear handbags, you can unite style with utility. Yes, that means never having to blindly fumble for your keys again, and not having to ditch the large bags you love so much. It takes one look to find everything’s exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Beads, beads, beads

Beads are fun, colorful, and versatile. A bunch of these combined make lovely handbags you can take anywhere. You can either get them fully beaded or plain, with artistic patterns of all kinds.

The best part? You can modernize your old handbags with beautiful DIY patterns, and even learn to make your own bag from scratch.

Elegant clutches

We all know summer isn’t all about sunscreen and flip flops. We need the right outfit for nights when we’re feeling fancy, and what better detail than a glitzy clutch?

The best part about these tiny bags is that you don’t necessarily need to carry anything in them, as they can be purely ornamental. If you do bring anything with you, the essentials (phone, ID, makeup) will fit perfectly. We don’t typically need much more than that.


Mandalas are more than symmetrical patterns that transform into a beautiful symbol. Behind their geometric traces, there’s a spiritual meaning that might be of interest to positive energy seekers. Mandalas are used in a lot of cultures and Carl Jung was a staunch believer that they represent wholeness.

Why not incorporate balance in your life this summer with a mandala handbag? The varied colors and designs will make it a lot more fun.

Neon tie dye

The neon trend blew up way back in the 80s, but it’s just as relevant nowadays. Though garish colors might seem unsuitable for colder periods, a bright, hot season calls for corresponding accessories to give it some praise.

This timeless trend will literally brighten up your days and nights, and there’s more: they blend super well together. Grab a plain white handbag and make your own swirly tie dye summer bag to stand out wherever you are. If you’re not a DIY fan, there are lots of cute designs already available for purchase.

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