Designing Your Ideal home Office

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While working from home gives you freedom and liberty to work at your pace, it has its own unique challenges. Many set up their home office quickly and affordable way as per the need of time, but

eventually, you need to have a proper workspace – one that doesn’t impact your productivity and efficiency. Whether your home setup was hasty and inexpensive, finding privacy might be an odd to defy.  Either it’s the cat strolling on the desk of your papers or the doorbell ringing when you are busy with that most important work call.

Having a home office may seem like a wild dream but it’s easy to achieve when you know how. Be it your home basement, a small bedroom, or just the corner of the room, there are few nitty-gritty that you must ruminate while selecting your space. No matter if you spend full hours or a few hours in your home office, it has to be an inviting and comfortable workspace to spend time and get work done capably.

Location, Location, Location

This is the key. Whether you have a nook in your bedroom or a full big space for your home office, location is key. You need to make sure your workspace is free from any disturbances and noise that may hamper your productivity and efficiency. A lot of people make the mistake of using, for example, only spare bedroom of the house because it makes sense for them, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best option. If that extra room has a noisy air vent or if it is close to your toddler’s playroom, you are definitely better off in another room.

You need a space away from the happenings of the home like kitchen, living room, or any space which is the central hub of your home.  You even can change the location entirely. For example, Vancouver office space offers good options for home offices.

Natural Light And View

To be able to focus and perform, good lighting is essential. It’s good to have as much daylight as possible with a good view to make your workspace a calm and comfortable corner. If the lighting levels are too low it can have a negative psychological effect. A well illuminated room for workspace emits positive energy and a clean working environment. The most important factor about lighting is the ability to control the brightness as per your need. When you have the right lighting for your workspace, it transforms it into a seamless combination of functionality and elegance.

An inspired Design & Working Space

Your home office may not have a lot of space but using it creatively you can make the most of it. Take the liberty of transforming your home office into a space that defines you and makes you happy, add all those personal touches. If you love plants and environment, make sure your workspace is an amalgamation of that style and green. Hang in artworks and personal pictures that inspire and motivate you for your long work hours.

You work very hard, so make sure your workspace is set up such that it is exclusively yours and depicts who you are.

Declutter & Storage

You will need space to handle tasks, store papers, and files that you are not currently working on. Make sure you have storage space within your proximity to ensure you are decluttering timely in order to work progressively. There should be a place for everything and everything in its place’ to relieve stress. If you have diligently thought through your needed space requirement for your home office, you’ll have the working universe you need.


Your health and safety are important while you are opting to have a home office environment. Make sure your work desk and chair are an ergonomic design to promote your health and well-being.


Your home office should be a fit for yourself, your spirit, and your efficiency. Make sure the space you have is designed to be your ‘own’, it reflects your personality, and you enjoy being there. Your home office needs are unique to you and your work and there is no such concept of one-size-fits-all. There may be instances when you will have to make sacrifices to achieve your real home office feel like getting rid of certain items and furniture from home but in the long run, you will have great recompenses in your work life.

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