Getting The Smell Of Sweat Off Your After A Workout

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Pumping up a sweat? That’s good, your body will thank you for it. By sweating our bodies is releasing heat but also some toxins that build up in our system. By flushing these out we get healthier and our skin becomes much stronger. Not to mention, getting in a good workout prolongs our health and chances of living longer. But there’s always a downside to something positive isn’t there? The sweat that our glands secrete mixes in with various other things like bacteria and eventually, it begins to smell. In fact, sweat itself does not have any kind of smell. After all it’s just water essentially. Only when it’s mixed with other things do we start to develop a body odor. Nobody wants to show up to work smelling like they’ve just ran a few miles. So how can you get rid of the sweat smell from your body effectively?

The less obstruction the better

Hair keeps us warm, but when it comes to actually losing heat it’s more of a hinderance. Hair itself locks in heat so we’re more likely to sweat at specific areas on our body where there is a build up of hair follicles. That’s why if you are willing to, you should trim or shave these areas. The obvious places are the armpits, genital region, and for mean it’s the beard also. The other downside is that sweat actually gets trapped in the hair and absorbed. So even after you have had a shower, your hair is still keeping some of the sweat. And mixed with germs, it’s quite obvious that you can develop a bad odor from this. It’s best to keep hair levels down to a minimum if you can in certain parts.

The extremities are case No.1

As arctic explorers will tell you, where we lose up to 80% of our body heat is from our extremities. These are the hands, feet and head. They’re the further parts of our bodies and thus they are often the coldest. When you run your feet are massive pads that absorb a lot of the force that our bodyweight hits the floor with. However we also sweat a lot from our toes and heel, which can leave a build up of sweat in our sneakers and socks. To avoid a build up of germs that love a warm and moist area, use antibacterial shoe deodorizers that kill germs and leave behind a fresh peppermint smell. The formula used in the product is 100% natural, organic and free of chemicals.

A complete change

Do not wear any clothes for your workouts which you will wear throughout the day. Chances are you’re not going to wear your jogging trousers or t-shirt but you’d be surprised how many people wear the same underwear and socks as they go off to work. Make sure you have a complete change of clothing for your workouts, do not double wear anything if you want to avoid smell like sweat.

Remember is good to sweat but the offset is that bacteria loves to swarm the areas where we sweat the most. Trim your hair in your crevices to lessen the chance of infections and spots as well as the smell of working out following you.


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