Hints and Tips for Choosing a New Dentist

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Teeth are really important, as well as getting the right dentist.

A dentist is much more than someone who just cleans your teeth. They’re an essential part of your overall health care team, as good dental health is key for good overall health. You want to be sure your dentist has the best interests of you and your family at heart, and is someone you feel comfortable going to for any procedure you might need.

Below are a few things to consider when choosing a family dentist. You can also check out

The logistics

Before you even get into your potential dentist’s credentials, you should think about simpler stuff like where their office is based, what their office hours are, and how easy it is for you to get there from your home or office. Are they a member of the ADA? Are they in your dental benefits network? Convenience and ease of communication are essential. Don’t overlook them.

Look in the right places.

Once you start looking for a dentist, you’ll probably start noticing a lot more advertisements than you ever did before. But then, you need to make sure you’re looking in the right places. Everyone has different dental needs, and dentists have different specializations. It’s not a one-and-done deal.

The ADA has a great ‘Find a Dentist’ tool which is a good place to start. You can search by name, location, and specialty. Friends and relatives are also a goldmine of good recommendations. If you don’t have dental benefits, your local dental school is a solid alternative option that will provide great care for less cash. Once you’ve gotten it narrowed down, check out their websites for reviews and testimonials that will help you make the final decision.

Meet your favorites.

Even if you don’t have a final decision locked down, feel free to make appointments to visit your favorite candidates and get a sense of what they’re like. Schedule a consultation to meet the dentist and their team. Also, bring your records so the dentist can have a look at your history, and you can talk in detail about your care plan. Don’t forget to make a list of questions to ask your dentist about their work, their experience, and their specialties. This is also an excellent opportunity to check out the office itself. Make sure it’s comfortable, welcoming, and above all, clean.

Ask the right questions.

If you’re not a professional dentist, it can be tricky to know exactly what to ask. Here are a few suggestions

  • Is general dental health and maintenance, or advice, included in their service?
  • Do they have an emergency service? What are their emergency procedures?
  • Do they offer payment plans for treatments?
  • What care do they think you’ll need based on your records?

Make sure you get clear, comprehensive answers that you’re happy with, and that you share any concerns you may have with your dentist. You want to know they are someone you can trust, and who will work both with you and for you to keep your teeth healthy.

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