How To Save A Tonne Of Money On Your Bills Each Month

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Saving money is no easy feat, and no matter whether you’re saving for a family holiday, or you want to have a more reliable bank balance, you might be finding it hard to scrimp and save those pennies. More often than not, saving money means giving up luxuries in your life such as takeaways or a night on the town, and upholding this new restriction can be difficult. However, there are some super simple yet super effective ways of saving a tonne of money each month on your bills. Check it out.

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Speak to your utility providers

Saving money on utility bills isn’t just about making sure you turn the bathroom light off. While this will save you money, not to mention the impact on the environment, there are other ways to save money on your utility bills.

A little known fact is that there is always a cheaper deal than the one you’re on. So, whether you’re on a pay as you go or have a monthly tariff, you can get a cheaper payout at the end of the month. You can achieve this by simply speaking to your providers about the rate that you’re on. A simple fact is, they don’t want to lose you as a customer and if they don’t provide you with a fair price then it’s likely they will lose you. You’ll find that with a few haggling skills you could dramatically decrease the amount you’re paying for gas, electric, and water each month.

And, if your provider doesn’t lower your price, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a provider who can offer you a better deal. It’s a win-win situation!

Get the children involved

We all know how expensive raising children can be, so why not get them involved with saving money? It’s likely that your children want money for the latest toys, or even to go out with their friends at the weekend, and rather than simply giving the money away, why not give them chores for them to earn their money? Not only will your home be clean and tidy, but you won’t have had to pay for a cleaner!

You should also consider using a laundry service to save on energy consumption. Appliances like your washer and dryer eat up a lot of electric and sometimes, it can work out more cost-effective to use a laundry service than your own home, especially for delicate items that need washing with care.

Treat yourself once a month

Cutting everything out of your life that you enjoy for the sake of money is a sacrifice that sometimes has to be made. However, if you’re not enjoying this new chapter of your life then it’s likely that you’re going to crack and end up overspending. Much like dieting, allowing yourself a little of your guilty pleasure can help prevent you from spending way too much and being back at square one.

Invest money to save money

Sometimes to make money, you must invest it first. This applies to save money too! Investing in things like:

  • Solar panels can save a breathtaking amount of money each month. While they might be a large investment, to begin with, they pay for themselves within a year of purchase. Not only that but your electricity bills will be much lower, especially in the summer!
  • Greener home appliances will dramatically reduce the amount of electricity you’re using for everyday things such as your freezer or hairdryer. Buying greener home appliances will reduce your monthly bills.
  • A vegetable patch and smart irrigation system will save you from having to buy expensive organic food from the supermarket because you’ll simply be growing it yourself! A smart irrigation system can help with all areas of your garden too, so you know it would be a sound investment.

Buy supermarket branded food

I get it, we all have our favourite foods that we simply couldn’t live without, but do you really need to go for well-known brands when it comes to food shopping? Many supermarkets stock practically the same food but with their own labels, and they’re always much cheaper than branded names. Take your regular loaf of bread, for example, is there really a difference and if there is, will it make a difference if you make the switch? Buying supermarket branded food could cut your food bills each week in half!

Form healthier money habits

It’s all well and good saving, but if you’re not very good with money in the first place, then there’s a chance you could slip up and end up in the same rut again. That’s why it’s imperative to form healthier money habits – pronto! Here are some examples:

  • Know what’s in your bank at all times. While you might not like the balance, you’ll be able to tell if something has gone out that shouldn’t have.
  • Cancel any unused or unwanted direct debits. Things such as a magazine subscription or gym membership shouldn’t be held onto if you don’t need/want it.
  • Take time before making a large purchase. More often than not, if you sleep on the decision you’ll find you no longer want to spend the money.
  • Speak with your bank to see if they can offer you a more suitable account for saving. This may include a higher interest rate, blocked overdraft, and even give you a harder time accessing your money, making it easier to save and tougher to spend.

Check your credit score

Finally, keep an eye on your credit score! Many people avoid it because of the jargon that’s associated with it. However, in this day and age, credit check companies have made it easier than ever to access your score and improve it. Clearscore is a free app that allows you to do exactly that! Not only that, it will also help you make changes to improve your credit score!


A healthy credit score means solid money habits = saving money is easier than ever.


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