How to Start Taking Better Care of Yourself

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If you know that you are just not taking care of yourself because you are under a lot of stress lately then this can have a profound impact on your health. You may find that you feel tired all the time and that you just can’t concentrate in the day as well. Luckily, all of this can be reversed if you take the right steps.

Recognize the Signs of Stress

The first thing that you need to do is recognize the signs of stress. You may feel more tired than normal or you may even be less tolerant of people. Either way, by recognizing the change in your behavior you can then begin to understand what your body is trying to tell you. It may be that you need to relax more, that you aren’t getting enough sleep or even that you aren’t eating properly.

Establish A Balance

It’s one thing to know that you are stressed, and it is another to do something about it. Taking a brief mental break is so important from time to time because it gives you the chance to come back to the task with a much clearer perspective. If you feel as though things are getting too much, or that you just have way too much going on right now then schedule a break in. You also need to go for a walk, sit down or even have a quiet moment to yourself. You’d be surprised at how 5 minutes can make such a difference, and it will benefit both your mental and physical health.

Have A Sense of Humor

Humor is one of the best stress busters out there. When you are able to laugh, you can then begin to lessen the strain that you are under. If you are finding it hard to find laughter or enjoyment in your life right now, then don’t be afraid to put on a comedy TV show. This is guaranteed to help you laugh and it will also help you to relieve some of those stress hormones that have been building up.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with your family and friends can really help you with your mood. Sometimes being out of a work situation can really help you to ground yourself. You will start to feel more normal and you will also be able to meet people who can meet your emotional needs. You’d be surprised at how understanding people can be sometimes, and when you talk it out, you can then take some of the burden off yourself in more ways than one.

Dive into a Healthy Activity

Sure, you might work hard, and this is great. You do however need to make sure that you are scheduling in some positive “you” time. When you find a hobby that you are passionate about, you can then throw yourself into it and you can also promote your mental health. Try and find an activity that is self-absorbing, and also concentrate on yourself for a little while. If you are constantly trying to please other people, then this will take its toll and you may even find that your work performance drops as a result. For this reason, “you” time is so important. When choosing how you relax, it is important that you don’t partake in activities that could be harming your health. This can include drinking or even smoking.

Look After your Physical Appearance

Stress can cause you to forget about the little things, such as having a shower when you wake up in the morning or even brushing your teeth twice a day. This can have a huge impact on your general health, and it can also make it much more difficult for you to feel good about yourself. Invest in a brush up club toothbrush, or even try and buy yourself some new perfume/aftershave. When you do this, you can then feel much better and you can also start to take pride in your appearance once again.

Encourage Self-Care

It is so important that you find a place to work that encourages self-care. If your boss doesn’t care about how burnt out you are, or if they have no interest in helping you to relax when you are stressed then this may not be the right working environment for you. You need to find somewhere that encourages you to look after yourself and you also need to try and really take the time to look after yourself as well. By doing this, you can then reduce the signs of stress in the long-run.

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