Is Independent Living Right For Your Elderly Parent

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Sooner or later, your parents will experience aging and this is also the time when you need to make a tough decision. As parents lose their independence, it will become necessary for them to be under the care of a qualified professional who will assist them in accomplishing their daily tasks. However, the process of moving your parents into an independent living facility may not be easy.

You should start with letting them know the value and convenience of having someone to look after them. An independent living facility is considered as a built-in community where your parents can still interact. They also have access to lots of amenities and services so their stay will be comfortable and convenient.

All you need to know about independent living

Independent living welcomes seniors who are over the age of 55. It is a type of housing which can range from a simple apartment to a typical house. These units are specifically designed to be senior friendly. While they are smaller than a regular home, it is easier for seniors to get around in it.

The units no longer require yard work or maintenance. A lot of independent living communities offer extras aside from their basic services. These extras include housekeeping and laundry service, group meals, transportation, fitness center, tennis courts, pool, golf course, recreational centers, clubhouses, and 24/7 staff and security.

Who can benefit from independent living

It might be difficult to decide whether or not independent living is right for your parents. A facility is an excellent option for parents who are still healthy and active. The facility allows them to prepare their food or accomplish tasks without help from anyone. Seniors who are living in an independent living facility can still perform various functions like driving, shopping, cooking and more. Some of them even have active lifestyles. Seniors consider independent living to fill in the gaps caused by aging. Since loneliness starts to sink in due to social circles getting smaller, seniors need someone they can talk to.

It might also be a challenge for seniors to maintain their own house that they find it practical to choose independent living. It might also be difficult for a senior to stay at home when they lose a spouse. By joining a community, they can stay engaged and also prevent loneliness. Some seniors might also find it practical to consider independent living to get closer to their children. Living with them might not be an option for them, and independent life might be worth exploring. If they are going to live in the city where their kids reside, making new friends might not be appealing.

Benefits of independent living

Studies have proved that seniors who are engaged and active in life are known to be happier and healthier. Once you move into a community where you will meet other people, you will become more productive than living alone at home. You will also realize that it is quite easier for you to make friends within the independent living community as you get to participate in various clubs and activities. You can also join in fitness and sports programs.

How to choose an independent living facility

It might be challenging to look for a community where your parents feel they belong. Taking a tour will help you make the right decision. You need to ask the questions, so you will know if the options you have explored are suitable for your parents. Even when they are in an independent living community, it does not mean that they should no longer be active. They also have to interact with other people to stay engaged. So long as your parents do not have illnesses that will limit their movement, you can move them into a community where they can make new friends.

When weighing various senior housing options, you need to take your parents’ lifestyle preferences into consideration. You also have to know the services that the community offers. If the cost is your sole basis on making a decision, your parents might not be able to benefit from the service that they need. Your parents deserve to be in a community where they can stay relevant. Take your time to find a San Antonio assisted living community where your parents can thrive and embrace aging.


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